Naughty Secretary Club in the Fall Issue of Adorn Magazine

A few months ago the lovely ladies of Adorn called and asked me if I was up for a challenge and I of course said yes. Days later in the mail a bag of beads and broken jewelry arrived. My mission was to whip something new up with what they sent me plus incorporate in some of my own stash. It was as if they sent me a baggie of Crafty Curios to work with, so I was totally in my element. I actually sent Adorn two necklaces one was black and yellow and had a giant toy motorcycle pendant, but they opted for this more lady like flower necklace. An interesting insider scoop about this necklace for some God forsaken reason I sent this necklace to NYC priority mail when I ALWAYS use Fed Ex for press requests. I was trying to save a few bucks and it was several days before the necklace needed to be at the shoot so I thought there was plenty of time. The day of the shoot the editors at Adorn start emailing me asking where the heck my necklace is. I knew I should have used Fed Ex overnight like I always do. They were literally in the middle of the photo shoot when my necklace came in the mail and the package had to be raced over to the photo shoot. So I almost missed it thanks to the USPS and my cheaping out. I would have been so sad because I love the way the necklace looks on the model. I used their beads and chain and then I attached a charm necklace that I embellished across the middle. I do love me a good challenge. My friend Susan Stars is one of the other 2 ladies who took the jewelry challenge so be sure and check out her bling. Oh and keep an eye out for my friend Whitney’s latch hook pillow in the same issue. Look for more Naughty Secretary Club jewelry in the winter issue of Adorn as well as my sister Hope Perkins and some hand painted clothing.

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  1. tammy

    What a cool challenge and I love what you came up with. I know what you mean about the mail, though I’m waiting on a package now that was supposedly sent via fedex and I think it’s coming by pony express or something!


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