Naughty Secretary Club Fall Newsletter

Hi there!

Welcome to the fall edition of the Naughty Secretary Club Newsletter. Brief bits in bullet points for maximum effectiveness and a heck of an easy and fun read!

Everyone loves earrings and 3 new sections on Naughty Secretary Club have been stocked. From trendy to eclectic there are oodles of different options.

Revamped Vintage Earrings

Nouveau Earrings

Nostalgic Notions Earrings

Are you dying for your very own one of a kind Hot Pink Pistol Purse? Shake a tail feather and get your booty over to Naughty Secretary Club and snag one of the brand spanking new designs.

Speaking of Hope, have you seen all the new T-shirts and dresses on Hot Pink Pistol? My little sister is rawking the house over there.

Who doesn’t love Fred Flare? I for one am quite smitten on them and I think they feel the same way. You can now get the Rock-n-Roll charm School necklace at Naughty Secretary Club or Fred Flare.

Looking for a Fred Flare / Naughty Secretary Club exclusive? Take a looksie at the Ping Pong Confetti Necklace!

Have you picked up a copy of Teen Vogue, For Me, The New York Times, Elle Girl, Elle Girl Germany, or Tu Ciudad Los Angeles lately? Well you might have seen Naughty Secretary Club in the press. Read all the juicy details here.

I am back from my 5 week trip to Los Angeles. I filmed 65 episodes of Craft Lab for the DIY Network. If you don’t get the Do It Yourself Network with your cable package, now is the time. Craft Lab is a new daily show for the network with different crafty guests and projects every day hosted by yours truly. Look for my other show with the Austin Craft Mafia girls Stylelicious airing in spring 2006. Craft Lab will hit airwaves fall 2006. I’ll keep you posted!

In music news Has Anyone Ever Told You? (the record label I co-own) has 2 new releases. The Bellakun and Beta Valentine. Beta Valentine is the new CD by my hubby Chris Boehk! Snag a copy from HAETY? Or from NSC.

I know you already have November 13th marked on your calendar. Right Austin? This is the 3rd year in a row for STITCH and this year I am one of the producers! Look for Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol together on the runway! We will be taking over Emo’s for the entire evening with fashion (over 20 designers on the runway), bands (Bellaire), craft fair (60+ booths), djs (DJ Mel), comedians (Super MC Matt Bearden) and more!

Remember last year when Naughty Secretary Club came in 3rd in the Venus Magazine Hott List poll for best DIY Business? I wouldn’t be sad if you kids voted for me again, as a matter of fact I would love you forever for it.

One last thing. I am going to be participating in the Race for the Cure Nov 6th here in Austin with the rest of the Austin Craft Mafia girls. If you are interested in sponsoring me for a good cause.

Over and Out Good Buddies!

Jennifer Perkins
Naughty Secretary Club

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