Naughty Secretary Club Customer Gallery

I was thinking to myself the other day that it has been quite some time since I have updated the customer gallery portion of my blog. I keep a customer gallery here as well as on Flickr. Please, please, please send me pictures of yourself in your Naughty Secretary Club jewelry so I can add them to the collection. I love to see happy customers sporting my wares and as a wise friend once told me: there is no better advertisement than a cute girl wearing your jewelry! Here are a few pictures that I snapped at SXSW, snagged from people who joined my flickr customer gallery and had emailed to me.

Happy Customer in Texas Ponoko Necklace – Cameron in Belt Buckle Bingo Necklace

Happy Customer with their Hot Pink Pistol Purse and Chola Clown Earrings

Monica in Good Enough to Eat NecklaceLaura in Tijuana Donkey Earrings

Bonnie in Hot Pink Pistol Earrings – Diana in Hotel Room Key Necklace & Grrrr Ring – Erin in Texas Ponoko Necklace

Emma in I Heart Giraffes and Nouveau Earrings

Erin in Revamped Vintage Necklace – Happy Customer in Texas Ponoko Necklace

Kristen in Pink Glitter Party Necklace – Happy Customer in Hair Clips

Ginger in Jade Pachyderm Errings and Jumbo Jade Pachyderm Necklace – Ginger in Nouveau Earrings.

Happy customer in Jadeite Earrings – Cory and I in Texas Ponoko Jewelry

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