Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol at Stitch!

Just incase you did not hear the rumor Austin, Stitch is tomorrow. Please repost this oh so informative bulletin and I will love you forever.

WHAT: Stitch Fashion Show and Craft Bazaar
WHERE: Austin Music Hall (208) Nueces
WHEN: Doors open at 5, fashion show at 9:30, bands immediately following
MUSIC: +/- (members of Versus), Irving, DJ Mel, DJ Jennifer and DJ Bigface
MC: Matt Bearden (host of Game Show)

* Look for Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol as the very last runway segment. Here’s a hint: Biggie in a Captain’s hat.

* Who is modeling for Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol?
Jen Rea (1/2 of Team Fabrication)
Rosie Cheeks (Rollergirl Deluxe)
Bee Van Dahlen (Your favorite German Door Girl at Emo’s)
Christy Butler (The Editor of Jewell Magazine)

* Who is making our models look H-O-T? Birds Barbershop.

* Where can you buy Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol stuff at Stitch? Upstairs at the Austin Music Hall in the Austin Craft Mafia booth!

The extra good stuff
* Stitch is brought to you by Jennifer Perkins (Naughty Secretary Club), Tina Sparkles (Sparkle Craft), Karly Hand (Identity Crisis Clothing) and Jesse Kelly Landes of Amet and Sasha.
*Set design on the runway is by Prototype Vintage and Big Red Sun.
*Dancing Entertainment by the Super Sonic Soul Squad
*First 500 people in the door get goodie bags with fun stuff like Craft, Rare and Misprint Magazines. Coupons to places like No Sweat Apparel, Buffalo Exchange and Spiderhouse. Coffee, candy and enough 1” buttons to cover an entire messenger bag. Oh and for the crafters glitter Modge Pode from Plaid and Tulip paints from Duncan.
* There is a raffle with prizes that will blow your mind
*Find out who won the Stitch grant to get their Indie business started the right way!

Runway Designers:
Parts & Labour
Laced With Romance
Amet & Sasha
Alyson Fox
Tina Sparkles
Identity Crisis Clothing
Moxie & The Compound
Naughty Secretary Club
Hot Pink Pistol
Lawless Revolution Wear
Angel Court
Machine Ballerina
Louise Black
Edge of Urge
Coco Couture
Bazzani Couture
A Rare Bird Designs

Craft Bazaar Vendors:
Merchant Ship Collective
Adaptive Reuse
Wandering Stick
A Wild Soap Bar
Feto Soap
Sweetie Pie Press
Rebel Craft Alliance
My Imaginary Boyfriend
Slinky Whistle Bait
Craft Gym
Kathleen McTee Textiles
San Antonio Craft Mafia
Angel Court
Moxie and the Compound
Bazzani Couture
Edge of Urge
Gypsy Born Designs
Steel Toe Studios
Coco Couture
The Austin Craft Mafia
Louise Black
Machine Ballerina
Haute Tuna
A Rare Bird
La Pouline de Louisiane
Milli Star
Tramp Lamps
Ornamental Things
Erica Weiner
Handmade Julz
Tasty Jewelry
Um Yeah, Inc
M Squared Jewelry
Freshie and Zero
Otter Otto
Shoba Ohal
Sweet Tooth Bags
Anne Marie
Love Your Mutt
Bolsa Bonita
Kailo Chic
Miss Monster
Jack Blue Handbags
Laura Mundee
Will Heron
Model Citizen
LBS Designs
Victrola Design
Rural Rooster Clothing
Graffiti Western
Wicked Little Impulse
Cookie and the Dude
Bob and Truffle
Lotus Designs
Killer Bee Designs
Lisa Chandler
TV Takes Time

Hope I see you tomorrow at Stitch!


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