Naughty College Girls Basketball And Fluffy Fitness Instructors

As you might imagine a lot of people come to Naughty Secretary Club expecting naked chicks. I know because with all my statistics/tracking software I can see what people are searching for to get to my site. Usually I don’t even look at my stats, but yesterday when I was looking at the ones for my blog I saw that someone had ended up here from searching for “naughty college girls basketball”. Now that is a quote.

What exactly does that entail? I played basketball in Jr. High you can’t get too naughty with that. The other interesting thing is that when you search for that term – “naughty college girls basketball” – my blog is the first thing that comes up. Why? Because of the blog entry I did a few weeks ago on taking my husband’s grandmother to a basketball game. I bet some hot and bothered guy was really disappointed at those search results.

Anyway the search reminded me of this sweet group of Canadian ladies who named their basket ball team after Naughty Secretary Club. The image on their T-shirts is my old logo and they are called The Naughty Secretaries. The sad thing is that I tried to send them this big box of free jewelry as a thank you and I got an email back saying that customs had stopped the package and to pick it up it was going to be like $100. So the girls decided not to pick it up for obvious reasons. However, Canada never returned the package to me either. I guess there is a package full of Naughty Secretary Club bling sitting somewhere in the basement of a Canadian government building.

In other news I am here at my parents house with my sister. Our 4 hour journey here today was fine and dandy besides the fact that for some reason we both had the theme song from Gilligan’s Island stuck in our head. Every 30 minutes or so one of us would sing out “A 3 hour tour”. Upon arrival in Big M, or McKinney AKA where I grew up, we chatted with the fam then headed out for dinner. My favorite Italian place in the whole world with this heavenly dish called Chicken Cappuccino. I had it served at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. Alas I am on the low-carb diet in hopes of looking like a new person for our TV premiere party so I got to have a big salad. Yummy lettuce, it’s so good and green when it hits my lips. Here at home this evening we have all sat around and done what families do, watch TV together. I have sat on the internet almost all night checking in on random blogs I enjoy. My favorite I always forget about is Cute Overload. It is chocked full of adorable little animal pictures like this fluffy little fitness buff. I made him the wallpaper on my computer. I am sure those that look at my lap top will be glad to see my old wall paper of the Sam the world’s ugliest dog go bye-bye. Speaking of bye-bye.

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