National neck week at Naughty Secretary Club.

Man I am off to a bad start on watching Stylelicious. I missed the second run of the episode today. I saw pictures and know that Karly was wearing my very favorite souvenir skirt. I wanted to see if everyone was wearing my jewelry. 9 times out of 10 whatever jewelry you see any of us wearing on the show, I made. I just brought boxes of it to the set and laid it out on a table for the girls to pick from and the stylists to work with. Same thing with Craft Lab.

Well I missed the show today because I have been furiously adding new goodies to Naughty Secretary Club. Last week I snuck in a whole new section called Fredda Perkins. AKA my mother. She is making her own line of fantabulous necklaces. I added two new Revamped Vintage Necklaces and am hoping to add more tonight or tomorrow. The biggie that took me forever was adding all the new Nouveau Necklaces to the site. So it is like national neck week over at the website.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and I am stuck inside working. I leave for London on Wednesday for two weeks. Well there is a side trip to Berlin to see my friend Bee, but mostly London. Have any fun suggestions on places to go? I lived there for a semester in college, but that was 10 years ago. So the next several days are going to consist of me crazy working.

The rest of the flea market was delightful, got tons more fun jewelry to play with. Got my mom off today just fine, Chris got back from Corpus Christi and now I am just working my toosh off and packing until Big Love comes on tonight.

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