Have You Ever Been to a Barn Full of Vintage Parade Floats?

What did you do this weekend? Did you have homemade strawberry peach pie, take your picture with a giant George Washington head or hang out with a bunch of parade floats? Ya I didn’t think so, I’ll let you live vicariously through me.

It all started when the lovely Giddy Girlie sent me the link to a blog post about an auction up the road from Austin in Kyle. Always up for oversized kitsch and a road trip my entire family packed it up and headed south.

We met my mom and sister at the auction. They were hoping to score some wedding decor for Hope’s upcoming nuptials. See the pink haired ladies in the photos, we came home with them. Well not me, but my sister did.

I was a little awe struck at all the awesomeness and not sure where to start or what to get. Tallulah and George Washington do have the same birthday. All the vintage Christmas decor would be amazing around the house in December. Sparkly seahorses & giant guitars, how could I leave them behind? In the end I walked out empty handed. I know this is hard to believe, I’m still kind of coming to terms with it myself. There is going to be a part II to the auction in November, maybe I’ll go back and actually bid this time.

As you know I’m not exactly afraid of large paper mache/fiberglass animals in the home. If these items could have gone in the yard it would have been a done deal, but alas as parade floats mostly made of paper that was not possible. How awesome would a stage coach, small train or Alamo be in my flower garden? They would feel right at home with my grocery cart herb garden, fry basket hanging planters and coffee carafe.

Did I mention the float making supplies? Ya, tons of it. I was not sure what I could make with it but it’s not like that has ever stopped me from buying anything. I think they will be selling the craft supplies in November so maybe by then I’ll have a project in mind for all those bolts of tinsel and boxes of plastic flowers.

After we left the auction we headed to downtown Kyle for a slice of pie at the Kyle Pie Company. As if this day could get any better! I liked the giant faux slice of pie (it would have fit right in on one of those floats) and arty collages inside better than the actual pie I must admit. However, Baxter got to have his first slice of pie so that made it worth the trip.

I’ll keep you posted about the auction in November! See anything that you think you think I should have grabbed? Any suggestions about what to do with those craft supplies?

3 Responses to “Have You Ever Been to a Barn Full of Vintage Parade Floats?”

  1. Petrified Peep Eater

    Oh i am afraid to think what would have come home with me. i think the seahorses for sure and i would have bid against your sis for the pink ladies ( please let us know how those evolve..)
    your kiddo's are adorable, love Baxters curls.


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