My Very Uneventful Weeknd.

It’s Monday morning but as usual all my days are running together a bit. When you work from home, and now with Chris working from home, that tends to happen.

Friday evening my mom got into town. Fredda is helping Hope sew her designs for Stitch. We have a regular little sweatshop set up in Hope’s garage/studio where my mom is out there sewing together denim, polka dotted ruffles, striped piping and more. Hope helped design and is going to paint something on all the garments. I’m just in charge of jewelry.

Saturday I went to my friends Ali and Sean’s baby shower. I always wonder why baby showers are before the baby is born. Well I know why so people can load up on gifts they need for when the baby gets here. However, I think it they had the shower after the baby was born it would be much more fun so we could all see the baby.

Sunday my mom, hope and I all went down to South Congress where I did a bit of flyering for Stitch (Nov 11th Austin Music Hall). I am in charge of flyering South Austin so any suggestions on places that have a space for posters or postcards are super welcome. I am going to put out more today.

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    Haha yea the shower is definitely before the birth. You want to be able to have the gifts, such as the crib and such already in place. Great source of coupons on the event though!


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