My Sunglasses Case is Better Than Your Sunglasses Case

I just realized that I never blogged about my prezzies that Laura over at Charcoal Designs had sent to me. We did a trade for some Deer Hunter Earrings actually. First up lets talk about my sunglasses case. Have you ever seen something so rad? It is tricked out with customization on both sides. Hand embroidered felt that gives shout outs to all my crafty endeavors like Naughty Secretary Club and Craft Lab where Laura and I met. See on season 2 of Craft Lab that you have yet to see there are crafters on set with the guest and I. Kind of like how Knitty Gritty has knitsters. Well a lot of time the people that volunteered to be crafters on the show were every bit as amazing as the guest in the crafty department. We had some super stars of craft sneak in as mere crafters (Sarah Utter from Buy Olympia, Nicole of Queen Puff Puff, Susan Stars of West Coast Crafty) and Laura was one of those people. She was a crafter with Monica Burnett another rock star crafter who makes the cutest head bands you have ever seen. ANYWAY Laura was a crafter on the show called 3-D Photo Collage with Claudine Hellmuth and that is how she and I met. I was familiar with her website Charcoal Designs and she with mine so we hit it off in the crafty jewelry department. Also when I was in LA on that same trip I stopped by Felt Club where Charcoal Designs is a regular and snagged myself a deer necklace.

I love anything with deers on it, actually I am about to get a tattoo of a deer on my back, so I was super happy that the second part of trade from Laura was a matching necklace and brooch set with deers. Laura casts her jewelry so I am totally in awe of her skills to reproduce designs perfect every time and in an array of fun colors. Not only does she use this talent for making jewelry she also has a side project called Buzzard Brand where she makes and sells fun little charm packs and other adorable flat backs and stampings. I used my charm pack right up and it is now adorning some random cha cha bracelet out there.

So anywhoodle just wanted to publicly say a big gushy thank you to Laura for my goodies. I do love a good trade!

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