My Schedule of Events…

There is such much cool stuff going on in the next few days you have absolutely no excuse for not coming out.
Thursday: FLICKER 9:45 PM at The Alamo Draft House Downtown. Come out and watch a bunch of fun short independent films at Austin’s best lil’ film festival run by the gorgeous super model Cory Ryan.

Friday: BETA VALENTINE CD RELEASE 8:00PM End of an Ear. Bands, DJ Big Face Spinning, Free Beer and The Super Sonic Squad (Karly, Tina, Jesse, Chia and more!) dancing away! Come out and snag the new CD “The Proposition” and listen to some good tunes. Come on my husband is the drummer so it’s gotta rawk. Oh and it is also Vickie Howell’s Berfday give her some sugar.

Saturday: FABRICATION 9:00PM The Parrish. Fashion show by Elf Girl Designs and Jen Rea bands – what more could you ask for on a Saturday night? Well there is more BROTHERS AND SISTERS 10:00PM Emo’s. Run over and see Dave Morgan rock out with his new band.

Sunday: HOPE ANNA PERKINS BIRTHDAY! My older sister gets just a little bit older so write her a nice my space testimonial or something.

Man that is a lot of stuff.

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