My prom was held at….brace yourself….South Fork Ranch

If you squint really hard in the new issue of Seventeen Prom you can see some Naughty Secretary Club jewelry.

First up the Rhinestone Rocker Earrings!

The Revamped Vintage Red Hair Clips are a little easier to see. I made them from some old 1960’s earrings I bought last year in Massachusetts.

When I sent the red hair clips off the photo shoot I actually sent a bunch of pairs, one of which that were pink and I adored. They did not get chosen for the shoot so I sold them at Parts and Labour. At Stitch I ran into a girl who was wearing them and she looked adorable! I was so glad they went to a good home. I will be adding more to the site soon.

Ok back to Seventeen Prom. The last page features our Carved Coral Ring and a Pair of Guitar Pick Earrings. I swear they are there, you just have to really concentrate to see them.

Flipping through the magazine reminded me of my own prom. No I did not do it up all Molly Ringwald crafty style, I wore a plain old black velvet dress I bought at the mall. Being from the DFW area however my prom was held at….brace yourself….South Fork Ranch. Yes as in where the Ewings lived on the TV show Dallas. I called my mom from the phone next to JR’s toilet. I don’t remember my prom being that awesome. We left early and went to some dance club in Dallas and my eyebrows looked like giant black caterpillars. The girl who did my makeup mistakenly thought I was a hair model and was about to be whisked off to an eyebrow and above photo shoot for a hair magazine, not to a high school prom. I tried my best to take some of the make up off, but time was running short and when I look back at the pictures let’s just say it could have been a costume party and I was there as Frida Kahlo.

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  1. Erin

    I am so jealous that your prom was at the South Fork Ranch! Mine was at a lame banquet hall in the middle of nowhere.


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