My Prayers Were Answered!

My prayers were answered! Here is Mr. Panda in the back seat of my mothers SUV, he took up the whole thing. I wonder what the people in traffic behind us on the way home from the flea market thought was going on. I am sad to report that since his head is kind of bulbous he does not fit as awesomely atop my entertainment center as I had hoped. However, this is no hill for a stepper and I won’t let this stop me. My favorite part is not only did I ask the lady her best price and get $10 off she was trying to give me a sales pitch story that was hilarious. She said “yesterday this gal with a giant ice cream cone came up and was trying to feed it to him” and I was like “ya that was my sister”. I’ll keep you posted on when I make a life choice about where in casa Perkins/Boehk he will reside. For right now he is on the entertainment center in the shelf above my dream pets and rubber faced dolls hanging over the edge about 6”s.

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