My New Friend Flossy

Today my sister Hope and I made the thrift store rounds in Austin. I thought today was going to be like any other day at the thrift stores, little did I know I was going to meet Flossy. At Thrift Land our eyes met (her eyes bulge out quite a bit) from across the room and I knew she must be mine. When I got closer to her and realized she was from the 60’s, had fur that looks like cotton candy and was $2.99 I put that bear on my hip like she was a toddler and carried her to the register. She is probably as big as a toddler too. I buckled her in and took her home and proudly placed her atop some shelving in my studio.

Here is Flossy getting rung up at the thrift store. I also bought a really cute scarf! Flossy asked me if she could borrow it sometime and I said sure.

Buckle up for safety. We made Hope ride in the backseat so Flossy and I could chat and get to know each other a little better. Poor thing went through a lot at the thrift store like being held by little kids with crusty food all over their faces and dirty diapers.

When Flossy and I got home she was happy to see Mr. Giant Panda head also living in my studio and felt right at home.

Besides befriending Flossy I also did an insane amount of jewelry supply shopping. Given I have drawers and drawers of cabs, chain and charms, but there is always room for more. Sometimes getting new stock inspires me to use some random supply I have had for years. I should have boxes arriving for a week straight and I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

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