My mothers choice of sleeping gear and swim suit cover up.

Everytime I come home for a visit one of the things that amuses me is my mothers choice of sleeping gear and swim suit cover up for her water aerobics classes. You see when I was in high school apparently all I wore every day were XL band T-shirts. My mom just came into the room decked out in her jammies which is a bright orange Teen Beat Records T-shirt. Some of my other favorites have been her in my Butthole Surfers Locust Abortion Technichian shirt and once I had to stop her from leaving for the pool when she came out with my L7 Smell the Magic T-shirt on. I don’t think she realized what the magic was bless her heart.

Other amusements of the night have involved Natalie Portman. I haven’t seen an episode of Saturday Night Live in I don’t know how long. Not because I am never home on Saturday nights mind you, just because the show never makes me giggle. I think the last one I saw had Justin Timberlake as the host right after he and Britney split and he did some bit with I believe it was Jimmy Fallon pretneding to be the Bee Gees. Anyway I digress. Where I am going with this diatribe is that yesterday on the font page of Yahoo it had the top searched for items and I saw the term “Natalie Portman Rap”. Well clearly I was intrigued and had to click the link. Have you seen this? It is a spoof on her being a hard core rapper. She almost fools me into thinking she is kind of tough. Like if she died Hope might paint her on a thrift store canvas or piece of clothing.

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