My Mosaics Collection

After yesterday’s post about making a shell mosaic mirror with my mom, I got to thinking about all the mosaics I have around my house. Most are by my mother, but not all of them. Wanna see the goods? Sure you do.

My favorite mosaic by mom lives in my back yard. No self respecting collector of kitsch can have a yard without at least one pink flamingo. Mine just happens to be a mosaic.

A mosaic picture frame by Fredda sits on a shelf in my living room.

I know I have mentioned here before that the bathroom mirror my mother made for me from all my vintage plaster fish was featured in a book called Kitschy Crafts.

This was one of my mother’s first attempts at mosaics. A shelf of knick knacks of mine fell to an untimely death one weekend so my mom salvaged the parts and made me this little stool that sits next to my front door.

My mother did not make all the mosaics in my house, just most of them. Perhaps you recall the episode of Craft Lab where Tiffany Miller stopped by and we made a mosaic that looked like me? I got to keep one and it now hangs outside my kitchen.

I even have a vintage mosaic hanging in my game room. Scored the tall geisha at a local antique mall and have loved her ever since.

to see a few more mosaics my mom made check out her Flickr. Do you have any mosaics around your house?

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    I used to mosaic the inexpensive Ikea mirrors in square wood frames with broken china from estate sales. Then I scored a cheap iron patio table at the Pottery Barn outlet and did a big sun and moon mosaic on the tabletop using basic bathroom tile pieces all broken into bits. It is a very time-consuming process and certainly takes a lot of patience! Knowing how much work goes into it, I can really

  2. Turtle

    love them, your mom is very talented! i have been wanting to get into mosaics just need a nudge i think! love looking around your house too!

  3. Michele

    I'm new to your blog but just wanted to say, "Wow!" I too am a mosaic artist and have lots of mosaics around my home. You're mom's work it beautiful… I'll be back for more! Thank you.


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