My Mom’s Garden is Kinda Like a Mullet

How is my mother’s garden like a mullet you ask? Well much like the infamous hairstyle it is business in the front, party in the back. From the curb the front of the house looks like your typical classic Victorian home – giant ornate flower pots, vine covered archways and towering water fountains. When you get around to the back yard there are bowling balls, bath tubs and broken slab glass.

Let’s start with the front yard. As mentioned the front of the house has a more traditional vibe, besides the part that the entire house is pink. Actually, pink was a very common color for Victorian homes. I grew up hearing that I lived in the ‘birthday cake house’. From time to time my mom trims up a chicken shaped topiary or two in the flower garden, but for the most part the landscaping is lovely and tame. Let’s move around the side of the house.

On the west side of my parent’s house is tall black fountain they call “the Trevy”. I’d like to point out the stone pathway that my mother laid down herself. Speaking of my mother, no she does not have a gardener. My mom has loved working in the yard, perusing garden centers and flipping through gardening books since I can remember.

When you walk into the backyard from the west you are greeted with a sea of colorful Zinnias. Somewhere buried underneath those flowers is also a claw footed bath tub that acted as a cooler at my wedding. Are you starting to see where I inherited my kitschy gardening aesthetic?

You might recall my mom’s craft cottage in the backyard. I’m pretty sure Tallulah and Baxter are going to claim it as a playhouse before too long. There are several rusty, yet adorable seating areas, an old stove begging to be a mud pie kitchen and a cute path full of tiny colorful pebbles and other “treasures” that toddlers love to collect in their wagon.

A last few glimpses of her lush lawn and marvelous mosaics for the road. You can see the start of a grape vineyard made from metal mattress getting it’s start. The covered arbor over the patio is a nice touch on hot summer days. If I got a chance to visit more often I’d push for misters and a margarita machine so the backyard could truly live up to it’s mullet name sake with a party in the back.

If you are going to be in the DFW area next spring be sure to head up to McKinney for the garden tour and check out the whole thing in person. You even get a home tour too!

8 Responses to “My Mom’s Garden is Kinda Like a Mullet”

  1. Julie

    I love everything about everything! The house itself is awesome but I love all the ornaments, decorations and fun things to look at. I wish it was my yard. And my pink birthday cake house.

  2. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

    Your mom is awesome Jennifer! I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the mullet reference. So true! Seeing her gardens make me think her personality is the same as well… Tame and formal on the outside, wild and fun on the inside! But of course since I have never met her, that is only a guess. 🙂

  3. Eugenia

    Goodness gracious wants not to love. I can never get enough kitch or color. Definitely passed on the genes….

  4. Susan S.

    LOVE the post on your mother's pink house. It's awesome and I agree with you…A MULLET! She has a real knack for decorating and I love her sense of whimsy and fun. I just posted about Pink Houses in my neighborhood but he house has got them beat, hands down!

  5. Carrie

    Ummm… I LOVE your Mom's house. WOWEE zowee!!! Seriously… it looks like a hotel we stayed at… or the Disney resort. I'm kind of (extremely) jealous!!!


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