My Living Room Transformation: A Work in Progress

Shopping for living room furniture seems to be one of those things that if you pull on a string the end of the world is attached. The hubbs and I were in desperate need of a larger TV which meant a new entertainment center and new couches because the cat had torn our old ones up. What I didn’t know is how tricky shopping for “big girl” furniture can be.

It all started with the bigger TV which then meant a bigger entertainment center. We had the same entertainment center for 10 years that Chris made and later he and I painted and added doors to. It had to go and eventually we scored this entertainment center which is actually not here yet. The TV is propped up on one of my 50’s tiered coffee tables.

The same day we bought the entertainment center I made a life decision about a pair of black leather couches. Would I have rather had fabric? Yes. Would I have rather had this awesome couch in Elle Decoration that I saw in Seamsters? HELL YES. It is pretty much my dream couch. However, this is not what I got. Our cat Georgie claws everything and my best friend Erin, AKA her vet, refuses to declaw her because she is too old so the couches had to be leather. At least they have a bit of a 50’s shape to them. They are pretty comfy just all my throw pillows slide off.

We also flipped the orientation of our living room around and where the entertainment center once was we scored some very large Ikea shelves. I am really digging the shelves actually because now I am having a gay old time filling them up with bric-a-brac and such. I am even inspired to actually put my pictures into photo albums including my wedding photos (which are in a bag in my attic) so I can stick it in my pretty new shelf.

All the dark furniture really makes the room look different, but I kind of like it since connected to it is the game room which is like a bright green Tiki fest with light blonde wood rattan furniture and the dining room with a polka dotted floor.

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