My life in 5 easy bullet points.

– Yesterday I got my hair dyed a new and exciting way: dark brown, almost black with teal and hot pink streaks. I took in a picture of my friend Traci and said “do this to my hair” after my hairdresser asked me if this girl lived in town and did she know I was stalking her hair 3 hours in the chair followed. I have not had “exciting” hair in a long time so this may take some getting used to. I think it looks better on Traci.

– Night before last my loverly friend Whitney Lee and her buddy Olivia from Ohio stopped by. Oliva was in town for the drag king convention, to see Whitney and do some shopping for the store she runs called Wholly Craft. She may still be in a car on her way back, but soon enough you will be able to buy all kinds of Austin Craft Mafia wares at Wholly Craft including Naughty Secretary Club baubles.

– It is 6:30am in the morning on Wednesday and why am I awake? Because I had to take a friend to the airport. After just last Wednesday on my last day of filming Craft Lab as I laid in bed at 6:15 with the alarm clock blaring the only thing keeping me going was the thought of not having to wake up that early again for a really long time. Today I had to get up at 5:15. Lord mommy is going to be tired tonight.

– Speaking of Craft Lab I uploaded all my pictures from the show to my little Flickr account. I am still trying to understand how that thing works. How do I add people as my contacts like they are adding me? How do I set up separate folders so that all my photos do not get dumped into one big folder? I want to show people the pictures from the show, not necessarily me at Medieval Times. Any flickr advice is welcome.

– After getting my hair done yesterday I went on several little missions around South Congress. First stop, Parts and Labour. I restocked my shelf with all kinds of new and exciting goodies. Be sure to stop by for a peeksie. Next on my list was Feathers. You see the Stitch ladies and I are doing a story for the Austin edition of The Onion and we need a picture to go with the story. I had the bright idea of posing in the window of the Beauty Bar. Each month the Beauty Bar rotates different stores that get to decorate and dress the window and this month is Feathers. Emily was sweet enough to let the 4 of us crawl into the window with her Peacock. Speaking of pictures, did you see my new My Space picture? That is from the Jewell spread on the Austin Craft Mafia. Check out more pictures here. So after leaving Feathers I walked a very short distance to Prototype. This store and Big Red Sun are doing the runway dressing for Stitch this year. It is going to look oh so dope when it is all said and done. I had a long conflab with Audrey about their master plan and it sounds seriously cute as all get out.

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