My Kitschy Garden

Even though it is 100+ degrees every day here in Austin we are somehow managing to keep our plants alive. Actually thanks to my husband’s vigilant watering we not only have lush plants we even have grass in the backyard for the first time ever. I’m so excited I thought I would share.

Even though it is hotter than Hades now, earlier this year we had a very cold winter for Texas. So cold in fact that all my potted plants died. I mourn the loss of my giant Ponytail Palms, Night-Blooming Cereus and many o’ succulents. I have had to start all over this spring with all new plants.

My current favorite addition to the backyard is this groovy yellow coffee pot thingie I picked up at a flea market. When it rains we have to turn on the spigot to drain it.

I spy a fry basket that once was a hanging basket and a chalkboard that used to be a door. Oh and by the way we have grown grass on that bare ground since this picture was taken.

If you think that my garden has a lot of oddball and wack-a-doo accoutrements just you wait until tomorrow when I show you pictures from my mom’s garden.

12 Responses to “My Kitschy Garden”

  1. jinxxxygirl

    Just a thought……just because your husband can water maybe doesn't mean he should……we are in a drought and should be conserving. Our yard in long gone……I'm doing my best to keep the big pecan trees alive because they help shad us from the brutal sun but really i don't think anyone should have a green yard at this point….. Here in San Angelo which maybe we are worse off

  2. Vintage Love and Photographs

    My yard is full of weeds and no grass. Do you have any suggestions on getting rid of a plethora of weeds? I would love to have grass but just can't seem to get rid of the weeds though. Thanks.

  3. Fredda Perkins

    To Vintage Love, Healthy lawn grass will gradually choke out weeds but with the drought, it's hard to get a nice lawn going. First, as a lawn grass I would suggest using Burmuda grass which is very drought tolerant (it actually comes from the plains of Africa, not Burmuda). It can be started from seed. However, you would have to water it to get it growing and now's not the time for

  4. jungle dream pagoda

    Jennifer!!! Your backyard is sooo fabu!!! I swear…I got such a good start on my own in the Spring…and these 100 + days have totally heated me out of my backyard!!!
    …also we have a crazy sick patch in our mom thinks it's grub worms…eww.
    I want soooo many succulents I am sorry for your loss!

  5. Tabby Tiger

    I love your garden and good for you that you already have grasses on your garden. I and my husband is just started planning to plant grasses so that we can sit and relax on a neat lawn. I can't wait fr the result of that plan.

  6. Piano Toy

    Your garden is great! And nice pictures too! My garden is just small at this time with some vegetables I planted like tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, corn, zucchini and lettuce.


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