my fingernails are a jagged mess and my eyebrows – well let’s not even talk about my eyebrows.

I am borderline hysterical about my trip to Chicago tomorrow. I don’t feel like I packed that well at all. For instance I am going to be gone almost two weeks and I realized I had packed only 4 pairs of socks, I am not so good at this. I also suddenly realized yesterday that my roots were downright embarrassing and had to beg my hairdresser to see me today, my fingernails are a jagged mess and my eyebrows – well let’s not talk about my eyebrows. If I didn’t have to film all this TV stuff in Chicago and Knoxville it would not be a big deal, just a trip to see grandma in Peoria. However, the trip has been book ended with these TV thingies. Love my job, totally grateful, I am just used to working from home sitting in my jammies making jewelry all day and then I remember at the last minute oh ya I guess I need to get my eyebrows threaded.

As for shopping, don’t even get me started. The mall was a sea of black and white stripes. It was awful I could write a whole diatribe on it. Don’t get my wrong I own my fair share of striped goods, I was actually wearing my striped Pretty Girls Make Graves shirt while I was in the mall, but I mean everything was striped. Well that’s not totally true if it was not striped it was an oversized tunic like shirt that had either small skulls, cherries, apples or anchors on it. Again, totes cute – but on everything? I was on the quest for TV ready tattoo covering top and really they were non existent, maybe because it is July and 104 degrees here. I ended up putting together some outfits with what I had here at the house and all worked out, but good lord 6 long sleeve outfits that are in a certain color palette and don’t have a small pattern is a tall order. So anyway I should be packing or filing my nails or something instead of ranting. I will try and blog while I am on the road for the next couple of weeks.

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