My Driveway with Photoshop

I found this picture on my husband’s bands myspace page. It is our house and 2 of our cars, but I don’t know who did the photoshop detailing. Needless to say my car does not have flames down the side and Chris’s car does not have his band logo on the tire. The picture just made me giggle. Today I have been tying up loose ends getting ready for my trip. I had a long phone call with my friend Kathy of Crafty Chica today, shipped all my book projects off to Cincinnati, paid bills and now I need to make some serious amounts of jewelry before I go. Ya guess I should go get on that before Chris gets home. We are making fried egg sandwiches and watching Cool Hand Luke for dinner so I need to get all my bits and pieces laid out so I can watch the movie and make jewelry at the same time!

3 Responses to “My Driveway with Photoshop”

  1. Chris, Drummer Extraordinaire

    Don’t be modest! I want everyone to see how rich we are because of my band. We’re like, the Offspring of Austin, just rolling in money, you know. You can’t see it but the back end of that Pathfinder is full of loose $100 bills that we got paid at our last show.

  2. Crafty Chica

    That is such a cute picture!! You guys should totally paint it on your cars for real! Thanks for the long chat today, you are always so full of good energy!! See you in a couple of days!!!
    Hugs and piles of glitter,
    Kathy 🙂


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