My collection of Deco glass picture frames and Enid Collins purses were mere minutes from death.

We are having a big sale and a total restock at NAUGHTY SECRETARY CLUB
All our Nouveau Necklaces are on sale, some baubles are only $8 (and that is with shipping included)! Nouveau Earrings like Bow Tie Lover pictured here are only $10! Of course tons of Nouveau Bracelets are also on sale. We are getting ready for the new website and the fewer items I have to move, the better!

3 different Nostalgic Notions Necklaces are back in stock! Pictured here is the Hot Lips necklace that was featured in Elle Girl. You can also once again get the Crochet Cherries Necklace and Lil’ Dutch Girl Necklace. For awhile now all you Sagittarians and Leos have been sad because you were not able to get your very own Zodiac Cuff. Well this is not longer a problem; all the signs of the Zodiac are back in stock!

Sorry pardon the advertisement. It is so much easier for me to write my My Space posts in blogger for the HTML code, so I figured why delete it.

Not much new here, I am still working on my Renegade Craft Fair Wrap Up post. That should be a doozy. In the meantime since I have been back life has been non-stop. This weekend was spent landscaping, scrubbing base boards with bleach, and trying to find a home for all my new beads. I think I might really have to convert the garage into a studio now. The big excitement is that Chris and I got a new mattress, pillow top even. The thing that scares me is my back is hurting. Is it just because I am not used to the mattress? Is it from being bent over scrubbing yesterday? Mattresses are awfully expensive to have one that is not perfect. I can return it and get another one so that part is not a big deal, however the delivery guys scared me as they were near inches from ramming the mattress into my shelves. My collection of Deco glass picture frames and Enid Collins purses were mere minutes from death. Oh and Chris and I moved up to a queen size bed, exciting indeed. I can’t tell that the bed feels much bigger than the full we have had for 8 years. All I know is we had to get all new sheets. Luckily I found an entire set at Ross from the Casa Christina collection on clearance for $18. Whoo-hoo!

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