My camera’s memory card out of the toaster.

If I was at Austin City Limits today these are the bands I would go check out…
TV on the Radio
Ghostland Observatory
Ben Kweller
The Shins
Brazilian Girls
Iron & Wine
The Raconteurs
Massive Attack
However, I’m not in Austin so I won’t be seeing any of the shows. Poopersnickles. I got a report from the girls in the Austin Craft Mafia booth that things are going swimmingly. Apparently the Sparkle Craft headbands are flying off the shelves.

One of the stores here in Los Angeles that carries Naughty Secretary Club is closing down so yesterday I ventured out in my wee little rental car to try and navigate the streets and collect my things. It went pretty well, but I turned the wrong way on Sunset at first and then there was this whole sitting in traffic on the 101 thing. The store Sweet Charity was really cute and even got my jewelry mentioned in LA Weekly. Too bad they are closing their doors. Funny, I was complaining that I packed so much jewelry, but no display so everything was in a big bowl. Well I had also mailed the store a rack for my jewelry so I got to take that home as well and it worked out pretty dang handy.

My friend Lisa came over for a bit in the evening and helped me get my camera’s memory card out of the toaster. It’s a really long story, but I thought I was going to have to take the toaster apart to get it out and with a few shakes she set the memory card free.

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