Mud Pie Kitchens

When your toddler grows bored of the baby pool what’s a mom to do with all that water? We’re in a drought here in Austin so usually I water all the plants and the grass, but today Tallulah and I made and decorated mud pies. Mud cakes might actually be a more appropriate name.

Tallulah is not one for getting too dirty so I did the actual mud pie making and she did the decorating. Sunflowers from the yard, sticks as birthday candles and sand as sprinkles.

We just sat up shop on the side of our deck, but a quick stroll through bloglandia and I noticed some people have set up whole mud pie bakeries in their yards.

I love the actual stove in this version by the Yorley Barn Nursery. You better bet next Round Top flea market I am keeping my eyes peeled.

This Mud Pie Kitchen by Rhythm of the Home is much more tidy and organized than the way Tallulah and I were running things. The health inspector would have closed us down.

I love the cake molds that Pepper Paints used in their mud pie kitchen. Makes me want to run out to the thrift store for kitchen supplies!

The verdict is that if Tallulah did not stand over me making the actual pies saying “yucky” and was interested in doing more than just decorating I would be all over building one of these more elaborate kitchens. Baxter means baker so maybe he will grow up to bake the mud cakes & pies and Tallulah can do the decorating.

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