More Bang for Your Decorating Buck – Using Halloween Decorations All Fall Long

I have so many Halloween decorations it seems a shame to just put it all away already. This year I am trying to look at everything orange with fall decorating in mind. First of all if you didn’t carve your pumpkins there is no reason they can not stay around awhile longer. Last year all my pumpkins made a second appearance at a fall themed baby shower I threw. This year they are adorning my dining room a bit longer before I muster the will to drag Christmas down from the attic. An orange spooky tree has autumn appeal in the right setting. You might recognize my turtle planter that got a face lift a few weeks ago. I like to go through the house each holiday and look at things based on color and see if I can use them to decorate with seasonly. This spot in my dining room seems to get a seasonal make over more than anywhere else in my house. While we are on the topic do you want to see what it looks like the rest of the year? Sure you do.

For Halloween this year I went with a few small Christmas trees in fun colors. I will probably use the pink and orange tree again at Christmas. It was a sad day when this piece of fabric sold on Etsy. The day I realized I wanted to keep it was of course the day it sold, I had to take a picture of it in full decorating glory before I shipped it.

Even when there is not a holiday in sight I like to change up the theme atop these little lockers. We spend a lot of time in the dining room eating meals together. Seems to me it should be festive and fun. This picture is from a post I did on planters made out of oddball items like birdcages, bicycles and even a thermos or two.

This was my Valentines 2011 set up. You can see a piece of my thermos collection, an array of vintage Valentine cards and my weakness themed picture frames from Target. I just can’t say no to them.

Easter is one of my favorites to decorate for because I love my vintage bunnies collection. Peter Cottontail and his friends stare at us through every meal in April.

When my daughter Tallulah Fawn turned 1 I threw her a deer themed birthday party. Did my favorite little dining room nook get the fawn treatment? You bet it did.

I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of the dining room from Christmas past. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will rectify that situation this year. How are you using your Halloween decorations into fall? More suggestions are always welcome.

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