Mommy like.

Over dinner last night when my brother-in-law asked me what I got for Christmas I said “A chandelier, but I am using this term very loosely”. I guess you would actually call my new reproduction Sputnik light more of a light fixture than a chandelier. It is just what my dining room needed. It even has little spiky light bulbs. I got it from The Starlight Room, I mean Santa. Now I feel like the back wall of my dining room looks bare.

Speaking of my brother-in-law he called yesterday and said “meet us at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, we want to go”. The museum was pretty cool, but if they had called me I would have done some things differently. Call me a pop culture junkie, but there was an entire floor about Texas when it was Tejas. Then the third, more modern floor, was lacking so much. In the music section no mention of Janis Joplin or Steve Ray Vaughn. The pictures of Fair Park in Dallas were drawings, not actual photographs. These buildings are one of the nation’s largest groupings of Art Deco Architecture. Where were the Dallas Cowboys? The hurricane in Galveston? Dallas the TV show? They totally should have called me. Oh and the gift shop smelled like sewage. Gorgeous building and plenty of other cool stuff in there to look at.

I also called and made an appointment with a house painter who is on his way. How does Indian Ocean, Cherry Cobbler and butter yellow strike you? Mommy like.

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