Michelle Williams

I know everyone remembers the year that Nicole Kidman wore that amazing green dress to the Oscar’s. I think it was Dior, it was Asian themed and a limey colored green. I don’t remember who won what about that year, but I remember her dress. Last night was much the same. I didn’t watch the Oscars at all, but I did see pictures of Michelle Williams in that yellow dress all over the internet. Holy crapenhowser she looked amazing. I love that shade of yellow and with her bright red lips. Even the necklace was a good choice because the pointy style matched the collar of the dress.

As Jermaine Dupri would say: “Yo, Yo.. Yo..Yo, Yo, Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play And we ride on them things like every day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta’s roamin’ And parties dont stop til’ eight in the mornin’”. I’ll be sure and sing that Hope when we get to Atlanta tonight.

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