Miami Vice

This morning I woke up at 7:30 in the morning and the only thing worth a lick on TV was Miami Vice. Actually Miami Vice is not a bad show all things considered, the outfits and home décor are dated, but overall it’s a good cop show. Well one of the episodes I watched Crocket and Tubbs were undercover and in the big apple. Lot’s of guest appearances Pam Grier and Penn Gillette for starters. The guys were hot on the trail of some bad drug dealers or something but then realized there was a higher force at play. When they went to confront the head bad guy it was a super old man with his back turned to the dudes. As Sonny and Ricardo start yelling and the old man starts spinning yarn his voice and profile begin to give me the chills. He keeps facing the blinds and talking, but something about him is really disturbing me. Then it clicks. Holy crap it is the old scary guy in Poltergeist 2, the Reverend Henry Kane. Remember when he sees Carol Ann and starts singing “God is in his holy temple”. Man that dude creeped me out. He was pretty scary in Miami Vice too. Alas, Julian Beck died the same year that this episode of Miami Vice was filmed of stomach cancer. Ok back to the program Tubbs is getting bizzy with Pam to a Phil Collins song.

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