Messy Studio Diatribe

Do you ever feel like you have let your studio space get so messy that you might just lose it? I mean really lose it. Between the dirty dishes, Diet Coke Cans, stacks of paper and bags of beads piled up all over my desk I feel like everything is about to cave in on my keyboard. I can’t even see things like my scanner anymore it is buried so deeply under what looks like CD cases, a hot pink belt, small green plastic baskets and magazines. I have got to clean this off today or it might be the breaking point. I woke up this morning thinking of a Keats poem called “The Second Coming” and the first paragraph of the poem pretty much explains why…
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Sounds a little morbid, but the gist that is applicable to me is that this studio is out of control and I need to get on it and rather than blogging I should be cleaning. And to think I am about to have a second studio built in the garage to also trash! So that you can feel my pain, for the first time ever I am revealing pictures of my dirty studio/office.

And this is just my desk. Occasionally when I get interviewed they ask me for a picture of my studio and I cringe and avoid the question, I figured today I will write a tell-all blog and let the world know I am a slob. The rest of my house is clean (ish), but when it comes to my studio I just don’t clean it. What’s the point it is only going to get it dirty again. I’m hoping those of you who completely agreed with my “why get out of your pajamas” logic will also agree with me here. Usually it does not bother me too much but lately things seem like a bigger mess that usual. Here are a few examples…

I bought a paper shedder because there are constantly sheets of random paper floating around on the desk, in the floor, in the junk mail and it seemed like a waste to throw it away. Instead now I shred it for packing material. Awesome for the environment, not awesome for my carpet. All around the shredder within a 3 foot radius is scraps of paper that have spilt when handfuls were being scooped from machine to packing box. More stuff on the ground = more chaos on the carpet.

Looking around the room I can see 11 large boxes in varying sizes on the floor. Some are empty that I am saving for shipping and some are full of random jewelry supplies that have never been put away. I see 2 boxes that are packed and waiting to be shipped, I see 2 boxes of CDs from my husbands band (why they are in my studio I don’t know), I see a box with a shoe box inside that my new Creative Recreation Hi Tops were shipped in. I took them out of the box, put them on, left the box on the floor. I can hear my dad telling me now A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Ya that life lesson really sunk in.

The above pictures is one of the messiest parts of my studio, it’s where I actually “make jewelry”. I once had a desk that I worked on but I found I always ended up sitting cross legged on the floor. With my knees getting bad I might eventually have to move back to a desk, but for now there is exactly enough space on the floor for me to sit. Sprinkled all around on the floor are random beads, charms and findings. The shelves around me in theory are some what organized. You can see that I have drawers pulled out and all over the floor. All my vintage trinkets were recently organized by color because before there was just shelf after shelf of randomness. All the little upright containers with yellow drawer pulls are two sided and chocked full of small drawers stuffed with charms, hoops, and goodies. What I can also see in the corner that does not need to be there is a vintage plastic cake box filled with spent shot gun shells. A left over silver metal shelf that I had extra that has been on the floor doing nothing for months now. I spy the spine of the two dinosaur shadow puppets I made with Make/Craft Magazine’s Bre on Craft Lab. Of course there are also the obligatory diet coke cans.

One last vantage of my studio. These are more shelves that hold containers for doo-dads. These have a bit of a system the ones you can see hold parts of earrings, necklaces and cuff bracelets. So there is a rhyme and reason. Above them is a peg board with all my completed jewelry carded. What you can also see is all the necklaces and earrings in the yellow and blue metal containers on the shelf that have not been carded. Just sitting there, getting tangled. This is where the second assistant will come in. I can also see not one, but two piggy banks. One is a ceramic pig Chris painted for me and the other is a giant jar of pickles that I converted into a bank for Chris. I see a drawer pulled out full of shell earrings. There is a cardboard box covered in Tijuana Donkey earring parts, a random peanut necklace and a CD. Next to it is a set of Subversive Cross Stitch greeting cards, more CDs, a paper towel and of course a Diet Coke Can.

My mess is actually somewhat organized and honestly I feel a wee bit creatively stifled when things are too clean. It freaks me out. I like to have all my stuff laying out and around so I can see it and then sometimes it is luck when two things spilled on the floor are laying next to each other and you go “Holy whoa that goes together awesome”. The things I don’t like is looking for a tube of glue, not finding it so I have to go to the store and buy more glue and then one day later I move a box off the floor and there are two tubes of glue I bought the week before. I live in a state of constantly hunting for my pliers and a pair of scissors. Tape where is the packing tape, it all seems to hide. So ya my studio is a mess. I’m not saying I would prefer it be spotless, I’m just saying it is getting out of control and I need to reel it in a bit. The gyre is widening right at the breaking point as Keats would say.

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  1. Cherry Runway

    Oh boy can i relate. Espeicall to the last bit. I too end up buying double of the supplies i don’t need but don’t realize when i do need something because everything is so scattered about. It’s no fun, and at the same time, why bother?

    I just cleaned off my bed this morning and somehow the mess is right back on it. I don’t know how it’s done, it just happens.

    I wish you luck


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