Memorial Day Crafting

Yesterday was Karly’s birthday and Erin was kind enough to throw her a party. Clearly from the picture there was night croquet involved. I sat on the sidelines and cheered and chatted with friends. There was just a handful of us at Erin’s house celebrating and then at about midnight some folks got the wild hair to go dancing. We packed it up, got downtown, waited in long holiday lines for drinks and never once set foot on a dance floor. Oh well I had fun getting to see people like Courtney and Cory who I had not hung out with in forever.

This memorial day afternoon I decided to bust out my Simply Swank Soldering Kit and give it ago. Below are some pictures of my first attempts. Sure I have soldered on Craft Lab, but that’s TV. I learn the basics when filming the show but truthfully it’s stressful I’m trying to remember what I have to say next, I have a little bud in my ear with producers talking to me, I can’t always learn every detail of what the guest is teaching. Soldering is one of those things that I have done enough times to have the gist of things, but have always wanted to practice and learn more.

I know I keep harping about Craft Lab Season 2 but I had some guests that did some really amazing soldering that really inspired me to want to learn. Some of my favorites were Kate Richbourg who owns an awesome bead store in San Francisco called Beadissmo. She made soldering look so easy. Yvonne Palermo came on the show and gave me one of her microscope slide soldered pendants and I thought this reminds me of when I used to work with resin as far as the use of images between the glass and it is a lot less stinky. The guest who really really made me want to solder was Josie Cirincione. She wears the most amazing jewelry that she made and soldered herself that I totally covet, plus her book Collage Lost and Found rocks my face off. My first little piece is pretty bumpy and rough. My kit did not come with sanding tools. Practice makes perfect and I am going to tinker around with it some more this evening.

While were on the topic of Craft Lab here is what you can see this week…Tomorrow it’s a little Printer Play with PC Smart. Wednesday cutie pie Heidi Kinnamon makes layered cards. Thursday CW Roelle bends wire into the shape of a rock star. Friday Barbara Matthiessen teaches you and me some Altered Book Techniques.

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