Mellow first thing in the morning mix.

Yesterday Chris and I went down to Borders to peruse the books and magazines and the new issue of Elle Accessories was on the stand with 3 pieces of Naughty Secretary Club jewelry. This is a big deal for me. Usually I only have jewelry in “teen” magazines. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE these teen magazines. I read them more, enjoy the clothing and accessories more and am abundantly aware that teens make up a lot of my clientele. I just always joke that I can never get my jewelry into “big girl” magazines. Teen Vogue loves me, but plain Vogue would not touch me with a 10 foot pole. So you see Elle Accessories is one of the fist “Big Girl” magazines I have been featured in. As you can see they shot a Cha Cha Bracelet, Revamped Vintage Necklace and Giddey Up Bracelet. Super cool. I even sent the link to my parents.

Before I go to the gym I’d like to talk about the new IMIX I made myself. I realized that as much as I love random, when it is first thing in the morning and you have that option on it is not always a good thing. With only half a can of diet coke (my coffee substitute) in my system early in the morning I don’t wanna hear The Dead Kennedy’s or Jay Z. In Las Vegas my friend Lisa recommended I make a mellow first thing in the morning mix which I find I am listening to all the time. Here, you can download the IMIX too. Lot’s of Decembrists, Kings of Convenience, Unrest, Stereolab, Yo La Tango, Low – good stuff.

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