Man I did a lot of stuff today!

Do you ever wake up and feel like: today is going to be a productive day. That is the feeling I woke up with today. Just this morning I already added a couple of new bits of press to Naughty Secretary Club. An article on Stylelicious from Brilliant and Justine Magazine which featured several pieces of my jewelry this month. I also added new press to the Austin Craft Mafia site. It’s not even 9:30am yet, see what I mean I am on a roll (or is it role). Ginger will be here at 9 to help me package and send out orders, Lucy gets a trip to the vet this afternoon, and since Chris has band practice tonight my whole evening is free to work. This is exciting indeed. Nothing like getting into bed and thinking man I did a lot of stuff today. Does blogging count as actually doing something or procrastinating? Just to be safe I better go get working.

Oh and I want to say for the record that I am listening to a song that everyone should have in their collection “h’a’chi” by The Lapse. Makes me wanna get up and swirl. Not the beginning part, it has one of those endings in an Eric Clapton “Layla” kind of way.

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