Make Your Own New Years Eve Tiaras!

Sure you could just go out to the party store and pick up some cheap tiaras that say “Happy New Years”, but if you are a crafty kind of guy or gal you would make your own. Several years ago (as you can tell I have short hair in the picture) Erin, Tina, Hope and apparently my dog Lucy and I all got together to make tiaras for a New Years Party we were having. We went to the drug store and bought them out of cheap plastic head bands and then headed over to the craft store to stock up on pipe cleaners. When we came home we all just kind of sat around for a few hours and had a tiara making party. They were a huge hit that New Years which I think was 2001 going into 2002.

This year there is another party to prepare for so Cory, Hope, Erin and I all got together to do some handy work. The tiaras are really easy you just wrap the pipe cleaners around the head bands. If you want to make the crowns you just attach two pipe cleaners together to form a circle or base of the crown and adorn that just like you would the headband. For extra bling we also busted out the hot glue and gem stones. Randomly I also had a package of these foam tiaras that when we ran out of pipe cleaners and headbands we adorned.

So you have no excuse for non exciting head gear this New Years Eve. Just look at the pictures you could write words in pipe cleaners on a tiara or make and exploding oil rig crown. The possibilities are really endless.

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