Make! A Book Review and Giveaway – whoo-hoo

I know, I know I have been MIA for the last week and a half. I have good excuses and you will hear all about it tomorrow in pictures and craft projects. In the meantime I thought I would make it up to you with a good old fashioned bribe in the form of a book giveaway. Actually, since I was gone a really long time I’m going to give away two copies of one of my favorite new craft books, Make!: Over 40 Fantastic Projects with 16 Exclusive Designs by Cath Kidston. If you are not familiar with UK sensation Cath Kidston answer these questions: do you love polka dots, applique or embroidery? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are going to want to read on and enter to win!

Back to those questions I just asked you. I personally answered “yes!” in a very loud excited voice to all three. That is one of the many reasons I was so super duper excited about this book. The projects range from wearables to home decor and even a few paper and baby projects. I j’dore the layout of the book and the adorable pictures. One of my favorite parts of the book is that all the illustrations that Cath uses in her designs are available for you too! That’s right there is a handy dandy section in the back with pictures for you to scan in and use as templates for all your handiwork. Speaking of handy there is also a how-to applique and embroider guide with the book.

Picking a favorite project from Make! is like Sophie’s Choice I love them all. The embroidered Boat T-shirt caught my eye because it reminds me of a shirt my mother embroidered for my father in the 70’s. In my eternal search for the perfect alphabet illustration I think I may have found it in the appliqued Alphabet Pillow. You know I love making cards so the cheerful Greeting Cards will be getting made.

So how do you score yourselves a copy of this fantastical book? You have one week to leave me a comment letting me know where you get your craft inspiration from. Cath Kidston gets her inspiration from a vintage-inspired English country look. I get lots of ideas from the color combinations in vintage fabric. Where do you get your ideas? Blogs, a walk in the park, books, a closer look at your trash or recycling bin, magazines – inspiration can come from pretty unexpected places I’d love to know where you get yours. Next Wednesday I’ll choose two lucky winners!

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  1. Bonney

    Hmm, I mostly get all my ideas from blogs!! I haven't ever had an original idea myself but I'm VERY good at following directions and acquiring supplies. This book looks most interesting!

  2. abigail

    since I'm a portlnad, maine based knitter, I get my inspiration from the salty seas, seagulls, & nautical trends. I also love vintage tableclothes, they adorn my house and were a big part of our wedding reception. I love their bright colors and flowers. I hope to incorporate more flowers etc into my knitting! this giveaway looks awesome!

  3. Penguin Diva

    I get my inspiration from life…things from the past and bring them to my liking…I also love blogs such as yours and books…magazines! My 5 year old helps me a lot too! She always likes to throw her style in there!

  4. iHanna

    answer: yes yes and yes! And adore CK but never owned anything she designed!

    I get inspiration many times from art and what other artists create, their use of different materials and color combinations. 🙂



  5. the wreath witch

    I love polka dots – embroidery is my fav –
    I get inspiration all around me – my kids for one , My mom – mom was a true crafter – there were 7 of us all together , she kept us busy and sorounded with fun.
    I collect vintage children's books
    and wonderful craft and ladies magazines from the 40's and 50's and 60's the ideas there get ones mind going.

  6. CMS Designs

    My love of nature is reflected in my stoneware pottery.I adore going for walks, collecting leaves, and incorporating them into my designs.Impressing a huge Catalpa Leaf into the clay and hand-forming into a vase, or a hosta leaf impression becoming a roof on a toad house are some of my favorite past projects.Cleveland winters are hard, there are NO leaves to be found, just snow. Spring cannot

  7. The Art of Megan * HomeGrown Fashion

    I get a lot of inspiration for crafts from current fashion trends, since I spend a lot of my time watching new trends for my day job as a hair stylist. I also love pulling inspiration from vintage looks, incorporating vintage pieces and reusable items, or finding ways to recycle disposable or disposed items to give them a new life.

  8. Kitschalicious

    What a great giveaway! My inspiration comes from anything that I see and like. This can range from blogs, websites, my kids, a TV show, books. I try to keep myself open-minded.

  9. AfterGirl

    yes, Yes, YES! I adore polka dots. I remember my mom wearing them and telling me about her housemother in college telling the girls not to wear them bacause it made boys want to poke them! Ha! I have loved them ever since.

    My inspiration comes from want to make original art and wearables for my family. I get ideas from books, magazines, blogers, and just about everywhere I look.

  10. Rachel Elsey

    I get my inspiration from my sister. She is extremely creative and we love bouncing ideas off each other and I love hanging with her at the book store and checking out the new crafty book and magazines.

  11. Suzie

    I get inspired everywhere! Mostly it has to do with work. Rideing the metro I see people wearing fun things or boring things I would want to make fun. I am a helpdesk person so when people do not need help I read crafting blogs. I also get inspired when I go into stores and see things I could make and think why would i spend money when I can make that myself! I usually have to spend more money to

  12. The Lone Star Ladies

    I get my ideas from my many trips to the Library. I love 1920s to 1940s fashion, fabric and have a collection of images I've been saving over the years. Love vintage fabric, vintage anything!

  13. Loonstruck

    My inspiration is a combination of seeing what other people have done through blogs, magazines, and books and challenging myself to combine those things in new ways. (This may be an offshoot of my mother's ability to make anything. She is a master of at least 10 different crafts that I can think of and she often brings them together in surprising ways.)

  14. Contessa Kris

    It's a combo of things. On the one hand a messy studio with all supplies fighting it out for space on the table just inspires me to death. Things you never thought of putting together happen to be laying next to each other in a mess and voila'! Inspiration! On the other hand, a pile of new canvases, a new book or magazine to peruse and a clean studio can really be inspiring as well. Plus,

  15. jewelrygirl

    I don't know how mine started years ago..when I was young. I just could always see a finished project, and then had to figure out how to do it. Jewelry is ALWAYS a driving force. I am always trying to think of something artful to do with jewelry. TV has given me tons of ideas over the years. But right now, it is all about the blogs. I find something I want to do all the time on blogs.

  16. Fernanda

    I get inspiration from magazines a lot – the color combination on ads sometimes really catch my attention and then I use those colors on a beading project for example.

  17. Sarah O.

    Lately, I've been getting a lot of inspiration from blogs and craft forums, but I also get inspiration from t.v., movies, magazines, and stuff around me.

  18. James Kelly Porter

    I generally get inspired by old 1970's arts and crafts books. They are cheap, and full of unique ideas you won't find elsewhere. I also love this blog, of course. I also generally look at whatever problem I have in my house, and try to see how I can solve it while spending as little money as possible.

  19. sjhackney

    I get most of my ideas from blogs. Gosh, there are so many out there! Right now most of my crafting has to do with grandkids. I have 8 with 4 more coming this year! I've crocheted each of them a baby blanket with attached hood. One will be here in a couple weeks and I'm almost done. I would love that CK book. I have always admired her art. Sally sjhackney (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. Keli

    my inspiration comes from looking at the world around me with an open mind & heart. In more specific terms, I enjoying traveling, being in nature, spending time with friends, going to craft fairs, learning tips & tricks from others, looking at books, magazines & blogs, and then upcycling anything into a powerful, thought-provoking piece.
    Thank you for doing what you do – As YOU

  21. Digital Misfit

    I get my inspiration from everywhere – nature, blogs, thrift shops, etc.
    I love textures, so vintage fabrics are always a source of inspiration, whether its a bit of Venice lace or some old velvet ribbon, it gets my creative mind spinning.
    Blogs are my favorite place to learn new techniques so I can make the image in my head materialize.

  22. Cindy Cooksey

    I get my inspiration anywhere I can find it – books, newspaper, magazines, online, etc. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a cool idea! That's the best.

  23. Susan

    I love seeing what others have done, so I get inspiration from blogs, but I designed my whole bedroom around a photograph of a tropical bird.

  24. lucy4

    My 2 year old is my biggest inspiration. Right now we're all about squirrels and acorns. With the snow this week, we have been drawing snow people.

  25. Kimberly

    I am inspired by you- so much, and other crafty ladies with blogs. I also get inspiration from trends in home decor and fashion. I love going into a retail store and realizing "i can make that" (By the way Happy Belated Birthday to T-Boz)

  26. Sandy

    Everywhere! Magazines, scrapbook websites, Etsy! Looking at a sunset or a cloudy sky… sitting by the ocean. I drink it ALL in! Thank you for the chance to win a great book!

  27. Christina

    Your blog for one- but living in Austin – there is so much that inspires me! First Thursday, Saxon Pub, Waterloo Records, a glass of red wine or an avocado margarita- these have all helped with my daughter's past birthday parties- this year had a Chinese New Year theme! Thank you Jen for creative insight!

  28. theejamieleigh

    I have always been crafty but more tinkered around than anything else. It wasn't until Alternative Press ran an article on the Austin Craft Mafia that I knew what I wanted to do in life. Now I work hard every day trying to quit my day job and craft full time.

    My project inspiration comes from my hilarious family and friends who every day give me a fantastic idea to make something

  29. Autumn

    I get my crafty inspiration mostly from my 4yr old twin girls, my hilarious 75 yr old crafty grandma, life and the joys of living it! I think theing look better through a crafty eye!!!!

  30. Jinxy

    I get inspiration from everywhere it seems like, things I see just speak to me, unfortunately it leaves me with notebooks full of projects that need to be done and my husband looking at me like I'm crazy. 🙂

  31. Vita

    love polka dots, embroidery, and applique :3

    mostly get inspiration from japanese craft books for making felt mascots/plushies and crafty blogs

  32. Stephanie

    Oh how I want to win so very very -very very – did i meantion very? badly!
    I get alot of my crafty ideas just wondering around the thrift store, the goodwill, the antique and vintage shops. I think how can I paint it, glue it, cover it, meld it, renew it, alter it? I usually end up with several projects in the works!

  33. bldrnrpdx

    In addition to the crafting blogs I read on the intarwebs, I get a fair bit of inspiration from working with my preschoolers – from watching them work, from hearing them talk, and from trying to design projects and visuals for my kids with special needs.

  34. Sam

    I get my inspiration from everywhere!
    I have a few blogs I look at for inspiration, but I use music to make my mind wander and start the creative juices. Usually I see something while I'm out and I think "I can make s super cute version of that" I'm normally inspired to make weird, kitschy versions of typical, normal jewelry.

  35. Elizabeth

    Inspiration….various sources are my inspiration: music, the weather, someone's outfit, textures are especially inspiring. The book looks amazing. Good luck everyone.

  36. Kate

    My greatest source of inspiration is 1950s and 1960s advertising art. (I am a Mad Men addict, of course.)

    I do love Cath Kidston, and a visit to her shop on the Marylebone High Street was a must on my London vacation.

  37. Caitlin T.

    i get a lot of inspiration from crafty blogs, as well as the goodies i pick up from thrift stores–like pretty flowered vintage sheets.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Nicole

    A BIG YES, three times! How cute is Cath Kidston?
    I'm all about blogs, PBS craft shows and things I see at markets.


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