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Wowsers I went to Borders yesterday and found 3 magazines of interest. The new winter issue of Venus is on the stands with the 2006 Hott List. This is like a reader’s poll for things like favorite band, book, and more. Naughty Secretary Club has been in the top 3 for Best DIY Business for the past 4 years, but this year we were tied for the number one slot. Like whoa! Thanks to everyone who voted for us. We are going to have another sale or something exciting to celebrate after the holidays. Also check out my Austin Craft Mafia buddies Sublime Stitching and Sparkle Craft in the top 3!

I also found a mention of Craft Lab in the latest issue of Adorn Magazine. Have you picked this mag up yet? It is seriously the cutest magazine in the world, I really love it. The projects, the styling, everything about it appeals to me. I need to start advertising in there. Anywhoodle, my friend Susan Beals (AKA Susan Stars from Portland Super Crafty) was sweet enough to mention Craft Lab in her column. In other exciting Craft Lab news I just found out that starting in January the show is going to be moving to a new time slot on DIY and the new season I just shot this fall will be airing on HGTV starting Jan 2. So if you could never watch the show because you don’t have DIY well now you can and check it out on HGTV and see what you are missing over on DIY.

The other magazine I found was the Love issue of Knit 1. Little early for Valentines day, but hey. If I knew how to Knit I am sure I would worship this magazine. It makes me want to knit and even years of friendship with Vickie Howell hasn’t done that for me. Anyway you can look all through the issue and see Naughty Secretary Club jewelry like Black Glitter Earrings and the Red and Gold Cha Cha Bracelet. I just had some pieces photographed for an upcoming nautical inspired piece they shot and yesterday I sent the stylists oodles of veggie themed goodies for Cutting Edge Magazine. I think Cutting Edge, Adorn and Knit 1 are all the same company. All are equally cute.

So today I have to go do more voice overs for Craft Lab in the studio. After I was telling you last time that the studio I did it at was where they tape Austin City Limits I just read they are building a huge venue to move the show to. Willie Nelson and lofts are involved, but everything in Austin seems to be related to those two things. This evening is the opening party for two amazing art shows that if you live in Austin you should come out to!

First up is the Gallery Lombardi Christmas show. Gallery Lombardi is getting bulldozed to build what…lofts of course, so this is their last show in this space. The gallery is moving somewhere else so don’t worry, but if you love an art show by train tracks this might be your last one. Take special notes on my friend Chris Hernandez’s pieces and my sister will be showing her series of self portraits painted into gangster clown girls.

After Lombardi tonight is also the opening night for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar. Naughty Secretary Club will have goodies in the Austin Craft Mafia booth, and some good goodies if I do say so. I made 15 one of a kind revamped vintage necklaces the other day that have not ever been on the website just for the show. I am excited because this year I saw some art that I might actually buy. There was a big chartreuse piece that had Tigers and piano keys on it and then a giant glittery popsicle. I’ll take some pictures and post them for you, but if you live in Austin come out to Blue Genie sometime between now and Christmas Eve to do some shopping and hang out.

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