Lucy is like our first born child.

I almost did not make it to Karly’s birthday party at club Deville last night. This is a picture of Hope, Dave and I celebrating the blessed event. The day before I woke up to find that Lucy had licked one of the stitches out of her leg during the night and clearly this is a big no no. I immediately called the Animal Hospital and they said you have to get her an Elizabethan Collar, AKA the lamp shade thing you see around dog’s heads. I used to always giggle at dogs when I would see them in these in a Cute Overload “Cute or Sad” kind of way, but never again. Lucy hated her collar with the firey passions of hell. She tried to paw it off at first and then eventually just started sitting or laying with her head up. Now let me say that on average Lucy sleeps 23 hours a day, with her head down obviously so this was very worrisome for Chris and I. We went out in small doses on Saturday coming home to check on Lucy in-between who was still just sitting there. I was convinced she could not put her head down and breathe like the Elephant Man and all his pillows. Chris and I slept on the couches for the second night to be close to her because she has to stay in our living room so she does not walk down stairs or too far. At about 3am she was still not asleep just sitting there panting I got on the floor and made a palate so she could sleep next to me thinking that might help, no dice. At about 4 Chris got on the floor next to us so she could sleep between us (it had also started to rain which scares the bajesus out of her so that was not helping). She started to put her head down for a couple of minutes at a time and then wake up. We tried everything. Literally hand feeding her food, giving her water out of cup, seeing if she needed to go to the bathroom and obviously not sleeping and just rubbing her belly endlessly. The Dog Whisperer would totally disapprove, but who cares Lucy is like our first born child. At 5am I finally told Chris I had to go get into bed. He was threatening to not go our for Karly’s birthday anyway and I knew that if I did not get some sleep this old lady would never make it. So at about 5:30 sleep finally came for me and according to Chris at about 6:00 Lucy started sleeping. Since then she has been sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping. She even got to come into the bedroom with us last night and sleep in her bed while we slept in ours. Oh poor Lucy and her gimpy leg. I’ll keep you posted on the developments but as of now she has learned to sleep in her big plastic collar and all is well, I can hear her snoring as I type.

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