Lucy and Georgie Poppet People

So pre-production for Craft Lab season 2 is up and running. Producers are talking to guests, projects are being selected and I’m starting to get into panic mode about everything that needs to get done before I leave. My booth at Austin City Limits, Jewelry orders, my new web site that may never see the light of day at the rate things are going. One project for Craft Lab I am particularly excited about is my friend Claudine Hellmuth is coming on again as a guest. She is going to make my family and I into a Poppet collage. I have always wanted one of her custom poppets for my casa anyway and now I get to make one with her on TV. Awesome. However you would never guess how hard it is to get good high res pictures of your pets. Lucy my dog and Georgie my kitty are not all that interested in sitting still for pictures. These are the best two I could get. Every time I would come near them with the camera they would yawn, roll over or look otherwise disinterested. Anywhoo I can’t wait to see the poppets.

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