Luche Libre, Puppets, Metal Clay and More!

Another week, another episode of Craft Lab. I’m curios what everyone thinks of the new show format? I personally like it better. I read on some random crafty blog different people’s thoughts on why we now have “crafters” on set. Truth is it is just to spice up the show, just like the new set. It has nothing to do with me. I showed up to LA and the producers surprised me with the news. I love having the crafters on set, and sometimes they are super star crafters and you might not realize it. This week look for Laura from Charcoal Designs and Monica from Monica Burnett hats. Ok on with this week’s line up.

MONDAY: Alexis Sadler from Duncan Crafts stops by the Craft Lab to teach us a few ceramic bisque techniques.

Over on HGTV at the crack on dawn you can catch more Season 2 episodes of Craft Lab on Mondays. This week is Kathy Cano Murillo and a little Lucha Libre. This was a super fun episode with my friend Susan Beal as a guest crafter!

TUESDAY: Mary O’Brien and I make a torched resin table together. One of the more complicated projects we have had on the show.

WEDNESDAY: Am I crazy or were these episodes on last week? Yup I said episodes plural, Craft Lab is on DIY Network 3 times Wednesday. At 11am Central we have Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica stopping by to teach us about Day of the Dead. At 11:30 Jenny Harada and I have a Furry Monster Mask party. Both are some of my favorite season 1 episodes. At noon we have a new and exciting Claudine Hellmuth episode where we make New School Puppets! Peep the set of my fam that Claudine made for me.

THURSDAY: Who dosen’t love purses? Have you ever thought of wood burning one? Well my adorable guest Vani Sodhi Gundara did.

FRIDAY: Cathi Milligan is one perky guest and I love her for that. Plus I have always wanted to learn about Torched Metal Clay and this was my chance!

Stylelicious has an episode called Cut It Up on Tuesday and Thursday is Purse Snatchers.

6 Responses to “Luche Libre, Puppets, Metal Clay and More!”

  1. Average Jane Crafter

    Hooray for new shows! I actually meant to post a comment last week that I *really* like the new format. I like the new set, having the “crafters” and just the general feel of the show. I’m glad to see that the Crafty Chica/Lucha Libre episode is reairing on HGTV. My DVR missed it for some reason. Congrats on the new season and the awesome scores at Round Top!

  2. Pattie Donham

    Alexis Sadler from Duncan Crafts was too cute yesterday! I simply love the bubbles and the shaving cream tricks for painting the ceramics. Jennifer, I think that having the “crafters” at the table was very cool. You are great the way you bring them in to the camera and interact. It was fun to see how that everyone’s paint turned out different, and that’s the beauty of it. Same technique,

  3. Pattie Donham

    Coolio! I can’t wait to see your ad! What did you make for your project? I had a terrible time making up my mind about what I wanted to do. The fake cakes were fun, but I kept eating the red licorice. Believe it or not, I had 1/2 of a piece left when I finished:-) I hope you showed a great jewelry design. I’ll be looking for it! PattieWack


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