Losing the Baby Weight – My Body is My Latest Craft Project

I know, I know, usually I only post about crafts here. I’m not usually one for long drawn out personal wordy blogs, but I was in the mood. Lately I have been crafting something a little different. I have been trying to craft myself a new and improved pre-baby body. Yup click out now if a weight loss story does not interest you.

I notice that when I post a goal on the internet I stick with it better. I know that sounds weird, but somehow when I know strangers are also holding me accountable for something I said I would do I get better results. Take for example the time I cleaned out my studio. I posted weekly update pictures and everyone was so kind to give me moral support and cheer me on. I felt obligated to post improvement pictures for everyone to see weekly. My thoughts are this, maybe if I post about trying to lose weight on my blog it will actually happen. I have been writing about it on Facebook a bit so let me fill you in.

My sister got married this fall. Remember the plastic flower bouquet I made. Well, when I saw the pictures from her wedding it was the last straw. The baby weight was starring me in the face and not going anywhere. Now given Baxter was a 10.8 lb baby, and they say it took you 9 months to gain that baby weight so give yourself 9 months to lose it. Well, Baxter is now 10 months and I still have baby weight. I can’t blame it all on Baxter. I never really tried to lose weight after Tallulah since I knew I was going to have another baby. My excuse after Baxter has been that I am breastfeeding and I didn’t want to diet and screw with my milk supply. I have recently learned that Weight Watchers has a program for nursing mothers so out went that excuse.

So ya, Weight Watchers. I have never tried an official diet program before. In the past when I wanted to lose a few pounds I typically just kept a food diary and exercised and that did the trick. Really it is just a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn right? Anyway, I didn’t feel like counting calories and I had a good friend and some family who had lost weight on Weight Watchers so I decided to give it a shot. I started on the 1st of the year so I am about a month in and as of today I have lost about 17 lbs.

17 lbs in that short of time is not typical. weight Watchers even scolded me for losing too fast. I think it is because the further away you are from what you should weigh the easier it is to lose. The closer I get to my goal I’m sure all the pound a week losses and plateaus will start to drive me nuts.

One thing I have to say about the new Weight Watchers Point Plus System is that I get to all the fruits and vegetables I want. I sound like an ad, I swear I am not a paid spokesman. In the last month I have eaten things like fresh okra (who knew it is even better when it is not fried), beet greens (usually I just throw the tops away they are yummy in salad) and grapefruit (mmmm broil with honey and ginger on top). One day I was feeding Baxter and Tallulah and realized they were both sitting there eating organic fruits and vegetables and I had a piece of Spam in one hand and a Coke in the other. Seems silly that only my kids should eat healthy and not me and Chris. Right?

I also got the bright idea to start jogging. That part of the plan did not work out so well. I started a couch to 5k podcast and on week 2 I hurt my knee. I thought it would pass, but alas here I am a couple of weeks later on crutches and scheduled for an MRI on my knee. I should get some little weights and start doing some upper body work out stuff while I am stranded on the couch with an ice pack on my knee. I might need to think of a different exercise plan since jogging did not work out so well. Bike rides? Walking? Who knows when I can walk without a limp again I will think of something to do. The one bonus of a stress fracture is that I also can’t get off the couch to get to the fridge so I lost more weight this week than I did the weeks I was jogging.

So my body is my latest craft project. I promise not to blog about it obsessively. Like I said last time I blogged about my studio clean up project all the support I got kept me going and got the job done. Sadly, my studio is a wreck and even worse than before. I’ll start that clean up journey when I can walk again. Hopefully, my baby weight loss journey will stick better than the cleanliness of my studio.

What are you tips tricks and thoughts on the matter? Did you too make a New Year’s resolution to shed a few pounds? Do you have a favorite low points Weight Watchers snack to share? A vegetable recipe you love? A favorite work out this gimpy lady can do from the couch? I’m all ears.

P.S. Pretty wedding pictures taken by Cory Ryan. I’ll post some after soon. My mom swears she could tell in my face in the ‘Put a Bird on It” Brooch post.

15 Responses to “Losing the Baby Weight – My Body is My Latest Craft Project”

  1. Tanya Knight Ruffin

    Awesome job!

    October before last I decided I was tired of being fat. I had goals ( art wise) and I needed to be more comfortable dealing with the public, and I wasn't. I joined HMR…similar to what you said about Weight Watchers, with basically all you can eat veggies and fruit. I had NEVER been a fruit and veggie person. I live in the deep south ( Louisiana ) , here fried food

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Man Tanya 55 lbs is amazing! Congrats to you.

    I know how it is with the fried food, I'm in Texas after all. Luckily I don't eat a lot of fried food, but my husband and I make a lot of fancy gourmet recipes which can be just as fatty. I'm also realizing my portions are way off the charts.

    The being able to eat fruit and veggies "for free" part is

  3. Miranda

    Congrats on the weight loss so far and Good Luck on the rest. My family is a bit similar to yours. I started weight watchers July 22 and am 30.8 lbs down and a long way to go. I need to lose approx 80 lbs total. Since the holidays, my weight loss has slowed down a bit but mostly because I sorta took a break from tracking but I am getting back on track!

  4. Hunny Bunny

    Congrats on the weight loss so far. I am going to be starting weight watchers again next month. It works so well if you stick with it and I love that they are encouraging more fruits and veggies now. For me the struggle is being married to Mr. Bunny and his super metabolism which the little ones seem to have inherited. Plus moving to a small town I'm not as active.
    Sorry I wrote a novel,

  5. Leah

    Wow do I identify with this post! I just saw the photos of me from Xmas and I am ready to make some changes. Eesh.

    Congratulations on the great start to your new project and thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. giddy girlie

    Congrats to you and best wishes! I have been sick for the past few weeks and as a result lost about 10 lbs and now I'm motivated to keep going. I tried WW a couple of years ago but my local meeting group was weird. Unfortunately I couldn't go another day/time and the people in this one were too strange for me. So my advice is to find a group you like and stick with them.


  7. Cindy Cooksey

    You are human, with problems your readers can relate to. I too have a messy studio that resists organization no matter what I do. I too have pounds to lose. I liked Weight Watchers in the past but am not used to their Points Plus program. However, you are inspiring me! Go Jen.

  8. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Miranda congrats to you and the 30 lbs. Glad to hear another Weight Watchers success story. I hear ya on not tracking during the holidays, that is why I started after.

    Hunny Bunny I hear ya. In past diets it seems like my husband would go through a sudden ice cream phase. Never effected him, but I might has well skipped a step and smeared it straight on my thighs. Luckily this

  9. Donna@soakinginmustard.com

    Sorry to hear about your knee, that's got to hurt.

    I really enjoy walking & when my teens were toddlers, I'd push them all over the place in a double stroller.

    Eating less and moving more really is how its done and paying attention to every morsel that slips through the lips is a great place to start. Weight Watchers works and really promotes healthy eating,

  10. jinxxxygirl

    A little late but my advice would have been to do ALOT of walking before you run to build a solid exercise base. People tend to underestimate the power of just walking. I think as i scrolled thru your comments someone mentioned swimming or a pool workout and now that you've hurt yourself that would be a great alternative. But the most important tip i can give you is to lose the weight for

  11. jen @ hell razor

    Good Luck Jen! I've done weight watchers 3 times, and been pretty successful each time. My mom is a "lifetimer" and goes for free!!!

    As soon as my baby decides to arrive (ugh, today is my due date and I got nothin') it's right back on the WW wagon – even though eventually I'll have another, I'm determined to hit GOAL before the next one comes around.

  12. aleta

    Lost 50 lbs on the double-dub (WW), and have managed to keep it off for four years now. The points were a little different, but the program is the same.

    Good luck! You can do it! You already are. 🙂

  13. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    It is so nice to hear from everything. I was scared I post about something personal and there would be crickets. I'm also glad to hear all these success stories, especially using WW. It seems like the key is to track, track and track. I have also heard that once you reach your ideal weight you should weigh everyday rather than once a week.

    Donna I love walking too and probably

  14. Janine @ Alternative Housewife

    I know that losing weight is everyone's resolution but getting rid of the last of the baby weight is DEFINITELY my top priority right now. For me, eat low-calorie is the answer. It kind of forces you to eat well – A couple packets of ramen or a plate pf spam and you end up over on calories, so I end up eating a little bit of junk and then a bunch of vegetables and other low-calorie goodness.

  15. jungle dream pagoda

    I love that you are thinking of your body as a craft project!! You are one of the all-time clever crafters soooooo… the analogy alone should keep you motivated and succesful!
    Absolutely…. obsessively blog about it!!!From your comment response you should see we are all interested and it was motivating just reading everyone's comments!

    I too …am recommitting to health and


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