Losing the Baby Weight – 32 Pounds Later

I haven’t posted about my weight loss journey in a few weeks for a couple of reasons.

1) There was the fact that for a couple of weeks there was no weight loss to report. That inevitable plateau hit. I knew the easy weight loss salad days would eventually come to an end. However, now that my knee is better and Chris has a new job (read: we have insurance in case I hurt my knee again) I started my couch to 5k program again. I got me some new fancy tennis shoes and am on week 3. This week I am jogging 3 minutes and walking 2 minutes for a total of 30 minutes. I also put some air in my tires, found a perfectly good helmet at Goodwill and started riding my bike. All of these things together started my weight loss up again. Hooray!

2) The other reason I have not written is I was waiting until I had lost 30lbs. As of this morning I have now lost 32lbs since December. Remember the pictures from my sister’s wedding are what inspired me to start losing the baby weight. The dress I wore to Hope’s wedding was a size 16 now I can squeeze into a size 6 on a good day. I have now passed the original goal I set for myself and thought what the hell I will go for an extra 10lbs. I’m perfectly happy where I am now, but if I lose more weight I am not going to complain.

The tricky part is going to be maintaining this weight. As I’ve said before this is not my first time at the weight loss rodeo. We are still eating lots of vegan and vegetarian meals around here. This week we had our first bushel delievered from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. I went ahead and signed up for a 10 week subscription. It is a little daunting coming home to a giant box of fresh veggies. There is that sudden pressure to start cooking before everything goes bad. With this box I have made….

Carrot/Zucchini/Raisin Bread (using applesauce in place of oil and whole wheat flour)
Penne Pasta with Roasted Beet Sauce
Pesto Sauce – I used the beet greens, kale stems, bunch of basil, parsley and chickpeas in place of pine nuts. There is of course olive oil and parm cheese. So far I have used it on a whole wheat chicken pesto pizza. I have 3 more containers in the freezer for later use. Carrot ribbon pasta with pesto is on the menu for later this week.
Kale Chips
Spring Pea and Radish Salad
Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Steamed Rainbow Kale and Quinoa

Luckily I love to cook and so does my husband. I’m also thinking of trying my hand at canning and food dehydrating, but that is another blog post.

So there you have it. Turns out that age old theory about eating less and working out more is true. I’m still doing Weight Watchers, but I must confess that my diligence about tracking has started to wane. If my weight loss plateaus again or I start to gain I will be right back to tracking. For the time being I have a good idea about what I can eat to not go over my daily and weekly points. Also, the more I work out the more points I can eat. So as long as I keep jogging and biking everything should be copacetic.

How are your new years resolutions for weight loss going?

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  1. vintage honeybee

    You look absolutely great. It's encouraging to know that someone else has hit a plateau and worked thru it. I'm trying to break the habit of jumping on the scale all of the time. Most of the time it's just discouraging. I have noticed that I have gained muscle for sure. Keep it up and enjoy your summer with your slim self.


  2. Hello Jodi

    You look marvelous! Congratulations – losing weight is hard work.
    I will say that I discovered my secret to keeping weight off is weighing myself daily. People say not to do it, but I find when I weigh myself daily that the little fluctuations don't bother me, but I can notice an upward trend and make immediate adjustments.
    Not that you have to weigh yourself daily, but just be

  3. vintagevixenarts

    Hooray! You look fabu! I'm sure you feel more energy, and just better all around! I too am fighting the flub, and won't do picture's right now.I swear I'm like Janet Jackson,you never know what size I'll be each year, the only thing that work's for me is routine exercise,healthy eat's during the week,and free weekend.Your success is encouraging!

  4. C a m i l l e

    Congratulations :] I just started "boot camp"… Although it would be a great blog post, I'm also worried that I will loose steam, and I'm thinking I should wait until I've made a significant effort and gained some results. 30 lbs is a big deal, you should be so proud! Just stumbled upon your blog today. Love the DIY's!


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