Losing the Baby Weight – 25 Pounds Later

I guess you could say Weight Watchers is working for me. Above is a family picture from September 2011 and below is one from February 2012. I’m not ready to start posting full body shots of me in a swimsuit or anything, but you can tell in my face. Plus you get to see my cute family this way.

Last time I talked about losing weight I pontificated about the possible reasons why I was having such an easy time. People keep assuming I must be working out like a crazy woman to drop 25 lbs in less than 2 months, but actually since the knee incident I have not done much. I did dust off my Tae Bo videotape last week and had a date with Billy Blanks and his shiny blue unitard. Yup that baby is so old it is on VHS. However, for the most part this whole thing has been based on diet. Like I mentioned last time I feel like the fact that we are eating a lot more vegetarian and vegan meals are a huge contributing factor. I found an interesting article in the NY Times by Jane E. Brody that reported this:

“The foods that contributed to the greatest weight gain were not surprising. French fries led the list: Increased consumption of this food alone was linked to an average weight gain of 3.4 pounds in each four-year period. Other important contributors were potato chips (1.7 pounds), sugar-sweetened drinks (1 pound), red meats and processed meats (0.95 and 0.93 pound, respectively)…”

“Also not too surprising were most of the foods that resulted in weight loss or no gain when consumed in greater amounts during the study: fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Compared with those who gained the most weight, participants in the Nurses’ Health Study who lost weight consumed 3.1 more servings of vegetables each day.”

That being the case I thought I would share a few of my new favorite meat-free recipes with you. Even if you are not trying to shed a few pounds, who isn’t always looking for a new yummy recipe.

First and foremost like most red blooded American girls I am addicted to Pinterest. Anytime you want to see what might be on my menu check my Chow Time board. You can tell all the super fattening recipes are at the bottom when I first started and all the healthy vegan stuff is at the top. I discovered my new favorite website Vegan Yum Yum on Pinterest. I have spent my entire cooking life looking for a perfect stir fry sauce and have finally found it. We made the Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Wok Steamed Collards and Quinoa and it was not only the best Asian sauce I had ever made it was the best tofu we ever made. We have since used the sauce on various other recipes and I am in heaven. Last night we tried her Pan Fried Tofu, Kale and Stir Fried Noodles and the mustardy sauce was another home run.

Another new favorite website is Oh She Glows. So much deliciousness. I was quite smitten with her 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. Her Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese intrigues me. Just tried a sweet potato mac and cheese from Cooking Light last week that called for chorizo and used soyrizo instead. It was so-so. Anyway, Oh She Glows has a plethora of vegan goodness.

Eating healthier means a lot more trips to the grocery store. I have to go all the time for milk for the kids, but now that I am also eating their stash of organic fruits and veggies it means a lot more trips to Farmers Markets and what not. I am thinking of joining one of those farms where you get sent a bushel of fresh organic veggies each week. I have a Groupon for Johnson’s Backyard Garden I keep meaning to cash in. Not only do they sell lovely veggies at the farmers market (I bought and used their purple Kale and purple cauliflower just last week) they also have scrumptious recipes on their blog to help you figure out what to make with your bushel.

Do you have any favorite vegan or vegetarian recipes? I’m all ears if you do. If I can just make it through the kids birthday party this weekend and I don’t have to move (long story for another blog post) I am hoping to put a vegetable garden in the backyard this year. That would save me a bundle at the grocery store.

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  1. Kim Baise

    congrats on the weight loss! it's been 2 years and i'm still trying to lose some tummy chub (;
    i'm following you on pinterest now. some great recipes you've found :i like the coconut curry noodles. have you tried that recipe?

  2. sandysewin

    Congrats on the weight loss. It is such a battle,isn't it?

    Over the past two years I've probably lost over 100 lbs., but only have a net loss of about 55 right now. ===sigh===

    I thought you might enjoy this recipe that I posted on my blog after the holidays. They're better than potato chips and really, really good for you.


  3. danielle thompson

    CONGRATS jennifer! that is amazing! i've lost 15 in the past month or so.. we started our healthy eating around the same time! thanks for pinning such great recipes.. i just repinned a bunch and can't wait to try them. Keep up the fabulous work! 😀

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'm feeling kinda poopy this week since I gained a bit and keep finding myself not tracking and eating bad stuff. We had a birthday party this past weekend and I should have just thrown out all the left over party food rather than keeping it around and snacking on it. It is so hard to throw food away. Even if that food is candy.

    Honeybee I

  5. Anne-Marie

    I am OBSESSED with Oh She Glows – such great recipes. Her "Weekend Kale Salad" is my favorite of them all (though yes, the faux fettuccine one is delicious as well).


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