Lord knows I feel his TV hosting pain.

I have been waiting for weeks for Top Design to start. The first episode was not that awesome, but really the first episode of Project Runway is never that great either. I feel off the bat that Goil could be a winner, not just because he won last night but because he seems nice, smart and is a good dresser. Don’t you feel like how you dress on a show like this has a direct correlation to how you would design a room. Maybe it is just me. Speaking of clothing I feel like it is going to be worth watching just to see judge Kelly Wearstler outfits. I thought Wednesday’s dress with gray leggings and boots was pretty rad. But anyway back to the show. The team that lost didn’t do my favorite room, but it didn’t suck it was just boring and didn’t really reflect the objects they were shown to design around. I think the team that won did a really good job with the challenge. The room was kitschy and weird like the objects they were shown to design with, but then they threw in that porch swing from the future and sandbox. I loved the yellow bell pepper lamp too and the poodle statue. I wonder if they knew Jonathan Adler was going to be a judge and that is why they chose the poodle because it totally looked like something he would put in a room. Speaking of Mr. Adler he is going to be a fabulous head judge. He seems relaxed, funny and he is an interior design God. Todd bless his heart seemed a little stiff. God knows I feel his TV hosting pain, its not the easiest job in the world. Remember when he had Todd Time on MTV’s House of Style? I do. I also like that he is from Texas. Any which way you cut it I have my DVR set to record the entire season.

Oh and two little things about Project Runway. Did anyone else see Tim Gunn’s cameo on Ugly Betty? I also just read that Mr. Gunn is the new cheif creative director for Liz Claiborne.

Speaking of TV since I was at CHA I didn’t get a chance to give you the Craft Lab rundown for the week. Let’s start with HGTV since these are the new episodes (9am Central). MONDAY: Thomas Ashman stopped by to make a Glass and Patina Journal. TUESDAY: I was Pleased as Punch that Matt Maranian stopped by. Episodes involving cocktails are always good. WEDNESDAY: I was just hanging out with Josie Cirincione at CHA on this episode she makes a Story Book Collage. THURSDAY: Jon Fong stops by to make some Crafty Flowers. Special shout out to guest crafter Krissy of Bigger Krissy. FRIDAY: Michael deMeng another person I saw at CHA whips up some Polaroid art.

Season 1 is showing on DIY Network at 11am Central. MONDAY: Chef Ray pops in and whips up some fruit and veggie carving. TUESDAY: Geraldine Newfry makes one mean Resin Long Stitch Journal. WEDNESDAY: Linda Merica makes a Cobble Stone floor out of paper mache. THURSDAY: Make a Polymer Clay Ocean Floor with polymer clay goddess Connie Okdie. FRIDAY:
Renée Parker and I make a paper mache mask complete with red and white polka dotted lip stick. I was just making headbands with Traci Bautista at CHA and this Friday watch me make Collage Paper with her.

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