Loose Ends and Rabmlin’

You know I just realized I accidentally erased my post about embroidering on a Satin jacket from Target. How did that happen? Weird. Oh well, it’s not like I said anything really juicy anyway.

I’m off to see the wizard today, or going to London at least. It’s been 10 years since I have been there. I emailed my girlfriend last night to see if she could remember the street I used to live on or the name of the family I stayed with. I have to go out to Ealing for old times sake. I am really excited about the shopping and have been told to hit Top Shop then I am dying to go back to Camden and Portobello Markets. Plus the Tatty Devine store. Oh the excitement.

While I am away my friend Tina is house sitting my digs, she is very excited about 2 weeks of cable and netflix. Ginger will be here diligently filling orders and working – so it’s not like Naughty Secretary Club will not be up and running. Gotta go tie up a few loose ends before vickie gets here at noon to drive us to the airport.

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