Lookie There I’m in Bust Magazine!

Last week when I was in Los Angeles I spent the second half of my trip staying with my friends Lisa and Matt. Lisa and Matt had come to Austin during SXSW and were my partners in crime for much of the event. They were especially helpful when it came to lugging all my things to the Bust Magazine party. During SXSW roads are closed and I had heavy displays to carry great distances. Anywhoodle one of our deep and meaningful discussions while I was in Los Angeles was Matt saying “I looked through Bust and they had pictures of their SXSW party, I can’t believe they didn’t include any of you since you helped them throw it”. He seemed genuinely hurt and offended for me and I was just kind of like oh well, I was in there last SXSW. Then at a pizza party Monday night little Miss Tina Sparkles was sharing my table and said “did you see our picture in Bust from SXSW”. I raced out to get a copy (well not raced) and low and behold there Tina, Jen and I are smack dab in the center of the party pictures. How did Matt miss that? Should I email or call and let him know that all is well in Denmark and that we were in fact included. I don’t want him to be permanently scared for life against Bust magazine for no good reason and a series of silly mistakes and oversights. I guess I will shoot him an email and send him this link to rectify the situation so he can again love Bust Magazine and his lady Lisa will renew her subscription.

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