London Calling

Chris and I made it to London fine and dandy. We already went out and hit the town last night as you can see. This is my friend Jeff who we are staying with. We met up with his friends Kelly and Ian at a bar called the Intrepid Fox early on and then went over to Madame Jo-Jo’s and saw Client and Mechanical Cabaret play. Today we tooted around town and shopped. I finally got to go to Top Shop, which is a lot like H&M. I did score of the most awesome rainbow-rific Adidas trainers in Covent Garden. We also had yummy fish and chips at The Rock and Sole Plaiece. We ordered way too many pickles, it’s a long story. Oh and we booked our flight to Berlin for a small trip next week. It’s been a full day and there is more yet to come. I need to get off the computer and shake a tail feather in the getting ready department. Going to a club called B-Movie or something where they don’t show movies at all.

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