Live in Ohio? Star sign Sagittarius? Like Ray Guns? See what’s new at NAUGHTY SECRETARY CLUB!

Hold the phone – there are more new goodies at Naughty Secretary Club!
Lot’s as a matter of fact, look for new Revamped Vintage Earrings & Nostalgic Notions Necklaces.

I wound up at Hotel San Jose on South Congress yet again last night. The Michaladas are so tasty and the patio is so nice, plus it is central when meeting people which was the case last night. At the Jewell photo shoots Christy had mentioned she was going to Magic and Pool in Vegas this week and would love to wear my jewelry to pass out cards and spread the word. What a sweetheart, of course I was down with that. So yesterday I had a little private trunk show for her at San Jose with baggies of goodies sprawled out all over the table. Some of the items she choose and seemed pretty pumped about was the Rock the Boat Necklace, Pinks the Owl Earrings, Secretaries of the Caribbean Bracelet and a gold cha cha ring. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that oodles of buyers for fabulous stores accost her and ask for one of the stack of business cards I sent her off to Vegas with. I have toyed with the idea of doing Magic/Pool/Project. The people have contacted me, but it seems so daunting I want to try and get to one of the shows first to investigate things a little further and see if it is even doable for me. How do people that can only make 10 or 30 of something do trade shows like that? Oh lordy. Maybe I just need a rep or split a show room with someone.

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