Lisa Loeb on Gossip Girl

I gotta say I was disappointed in my second episode of Gossip Girl. The same green bamboo hoops I was smitten on were there, but beyond that things were dullsville. The one thing that did make me prick up my ears and eyes was Lisa Loeb. You remember the cutie with the glasses that sang “Stay” on the Reality Bites soundtrack. Well she sang her song again last night as the opening band for dude in Brooklyn’s dad (I don’t know character names yet). I loved her striped dress and I remembered that she has a Naughty Secretary Club Wooden Friends Necklace with a kitty on it. My friend Vickie filmed an episode of her show #1 Single and gave it to her. I think next week is the season finale, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for outfit awesomeness.

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  1. freshie (and zero)

    She’s so cute and totally looks like she hasn’t aged. “You say… I only hear what I want to” Wow that song brings back some high school memories!


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