Light at the end of the Fabric Tunnel.

Just when all seemed to be going to hell in a sewing basket for Austin seamsters there is a bright light at the end of our fabric tunnel. With rumors of Wal Mart closing their fabric departments nationwide and Hancocks filing for Chapter 11, things were looking bleak. Even though Austin has a huge crafting community, there are not that many stores with fabric to support it. Sure there is Fanny’s with their amazing trim, and Joann has a few things, plus I hear the infamous Best fabrics from Dallas is moving to Round Rock, but overall cute fabric is far and few between here. A lot of people also love places like Repro Depot but it is hard to match the colors in fabric on the internet. That is why when I heard about Craft-o-Rama opening up on S. Congress I was thrilled. From what I can tell it is molded something like the Stitch Lounge in San Francisco. There is a selection of fabric you can buy, sewing machines you can use and even a gift shop of sorts selling goodies by my fellow Austin Craft Mafia ladies Jenny Hart and Vickie Howell. Anywhoodle, the more the merrier when it comes to crafty goodness in Austin! Especially in a town who apparently from what I hear needing some new and exciting fabric store options.

Also speaking of Ms. Vickie Howell she and I were standing on a balcony overlooking Austin this weekend and chatting when she mentioned all the emails she gets about the jewelry she wears on Knitty Gritty. Apparently you get really up close and personal with her selection of rings on the Knitty Cam. Well you can almost bet that 9 times out of 10 the jewelry Vickie is wearing is Naughty Secretary Club. Vickie is always sweet to remember to where my jewelry whenever she can to help me spread the word. Like the time she was on the Today Show, when she posed with Isaac Mizrahhi for Knit 1 and even in the current issue of Child Magazine she has on one of my Black Heart Rings. That Vickie, she is my biggest spokesperson. Her kiddos Tanner and Tristan look so cute in the picture too!

Talking about Knitty Gritty reminds me, don’t forget to tune in all week long to DIY Network at 11am Central to watch Craft Lab. This week we are making everything from polymer clay masks to eco-friendly kudzu baskets. See Vickie and I both plus the rest of the Austin Craft Mafia gang on Stylelicious Tuesdays and Thursdays on DIY Network at 2pm central. On Thursday you can catch me showing you how to make your own Cha Cha Bracelet!

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