Leaving A-Town today for the Big Apple via The Windy City.

Leaving A-Town today for the Big Apple via The Windy City. Ahhh stupid city nick names. All the last minute packing I can do is done. I came home after my Austin Craft Mafia meeting last night and finished making some jewelry. It’s worth coming to The Renegade Craft Fair just to see the earrings I made using vintage wrapping paper. I sat with friend Karl Party Bots who is staying with me and crafted and debated the fact that healthy Japanese mushroom tea really tastes like the smell of Easter egg dye. Tina Sparkles also slept over last night and just left my house this morning to drive to NYC and she said she had made 30 new frilly dresses to have at Renegade! WOW!

Which reminds me don’t forget to watch Tina tomorrow on Stylelicious – Dare to Flare!
The ladies of Stylelicious have a whole new definition of change of clothes with these projects that convert old garments into something completely new. Host Tina Sparkles turns old jeans into a pleated miniskirt. Host Karly Hand has a project that turns a man’s business shirt into a ladies party top. Host Jesse Kelly-Landes makes a shrug out of an old sweater.

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