Leah of Craftster in Austin!


Leah Kramer, owner of Craftster.org is in town tonight at The Workshop doing a book signing of her wondermous book The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts. Check out my pseudo review here. And check out the info about Leah at the workshop tonight here!

Don’t live in Austin but perhaps LA, San Diego or Portland? Never fear Leah and her book will be at a craft store near you this month too. Help spread the word.

I got so excited I even signed up for a Craftster account. Way back in the olden days I used to post like a mad woman on places like Get Crafty and Chick Click. Those were the good ole days talking about crafts and feminism all day when I was supposed to be filing papers and making copies. I remember once we started the most impressive girl band list, it got huge. So anywhoo, maybe I will start posting again. I signed up too because I saw this awesome beaded curtain made out of pom poms that I am in LUV with! I want to beg this girl to come on Craft Lab as a guest and show the world how to make this awesomeness.

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